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#1 BEST BRUTAL SWARM CONTROLLER CHAMPION : Ranked Highlights – Rainbow Six Siege Console

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i hit number #1 Na this season, and Number #2 Globally.

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(Slamming SSBooe SSMexicanz Speedy Xim Repulsve RetroKing yungpeekerrr and more;)
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  1. I have a full game against the number 1 champ, lmk if u guys would like me to upload it.

  2. actually pretty amazing what some players can achieve with thumb aim. Respect!

  3. The comments are so funny 😂 people saying you're cronus, you have a strike pack, you're toxic even if you explain you're legit lmao

  4. as a fist time watcher i actually enjoy this content do u have any videos where’s there’s no voice not that any of y’all are annoying or nothing just asking

  5. What is your Controller Settings and Controller ADS?

  6. Bro fragmovies are so boring to watch I just watch yours cuz of your teammates talking shit about each other, too funny

  7. Nuevo sub, me dieron muchas ganas de volver a R6 despues de ver este video.

  8. Good vid man but L teammates. They scream and backseat all most in every clips. Keep it up bro

  9. Teamates speak at the most useless times like shut the fuck up goat tho bro

  10. nah bro this moncker guy needs to shut his mouth hole

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