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1415 Fly in Plane and car show Toy Car Case

Toy Car Case
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Toy Car Case is looking at Fly in Plane and car show
These videos are to unlock great memories of new and vintage Hot Wheels, Matchbox Cars, Johnny Lightning, Corgi Cars, Tootsietoy and die cast collector cars. This unique die cast review is a true classic adult toy car review that any diecast collector would want to see. These videos are a great escape from reality, for a short time, to times of stress-free moments of our childhood toys.

Toy Car Case is a family friendly YouTube Channel for adult collectors who are toy car, die cast and scale model enthusiasts.

Toy Car Case is dedicated to showing all types of die cast toy cars from Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Lesney, Tootsie Toy, Johnny Lightning, Tomica, Yatming, Micro Machines, Racing Champions, Tonka, Muscle Machines, to Corgi and many more. Sporadically, we will show plastic model kits and built models from Revel, MPC, Monogram and more. The more creative the vehicle, the better.

For Toy Car Case, we love all die cast/plastic toy cars, military and civilian trucks, armor tanks, and space vehicles in any condition or any brand. It is not about the money – but the love of preserving all these die cast and plastic vehicles/figures, planes, military vehicles and even space ships for future generations to see and enjoy.

Toy Car Case is all about the love of scaled toy vehicles and dioramas.

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We are just showing die cast/plastic toy cars, plastic/metal model kits and other toys from personal toy collections. We are not being paid by any manufacturers or distributors. These videos are for entertainment purposes only.


  1. Something new and different for the supper club. I enjoyed this change of pace! Well done JR! 👍

  2. Party time 🏁. Whoa, biplane with a wood propeller.. yeah those dang chem-trails. I wouldn't mind some now since it's hotter than Hades out here. Sweet muscle cars.

  3. Cool.
    Love the Cord 812 and Covair wagon.
    Thanks for sharing Johnny.

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