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[2022 GSL S3] Ro.6 Match3 GuMiho vs DRG

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[ENG] 2022 GSL S3 Code S Ro.6
Ro.6: Cure,GuMiho,herO,DRG


  1. Tasteless' new favorite "we've never seen this before" at least once a match, just hilarious… Nope, never seen mass phoenix adept fail before, never once, especially not in this season…

  2. 40:59 – Gumiho was kind of pudgy, pre RoK army. Now he looks fit.

  3. When someone is running hot, he cannot be stopped on that day..

  4. Two times coming back from 0–2 pulled by GumiGreat!

  5. Gumiho's reverse sweeps twice in a row, that was incredible. I was disappointed that his Battlecruiser and Battlemech didn't work out in the first game, and the Hellbat rush was just bad. But he made up with three incredible games after that!

  6. J.esus Christ Returns, reeepent oof sin and change your Way of living…   Y..A,,H.. is a egipt DEMON, BEWARE … (HalleluJAH is PAGAN)

  7. What I dont get is why transform all the hellions. why not have some hellions and some hellbats? clearly the bats are ONLY good for taking hits for other units but having some hellions line up shots is 10X better than the flame cone of sadness

  8. Based Gumigod power. 3 hours, 2
    reverse sweeps what an absolute legend.

  9. First game was great by gumiho. I really appreciate this style. I think, it is viable.

  10. This legit feels like a finals, did not expect

  11. Hey Tastoisis, why aren´t you keeping up with the ASL?

  12. i like the strategy of one of these players

  13. Gumiho getting ripped to become the Gumibear god. 0.o

  14. Loser gonna open his mouth like he is eating a sausage 😉

  15. Wow just wow, what incredible stamina to pull that off

  16. Gumi lookin ripped af. Seriously, he's definitely been lifting hard.

  17. Fantastic matches, Gumi really baffles them with his tactics! Well deserved wins!!

  18. Sorry Bunny, Gumigod is my new favorite Terran LOLOL

  19. Thanks for not spoiling the base ro6 winners for these matches directly in the title !

  20. Gumiho going full Maru's mode
    "I'm not leaving for 5 minutes even with -80 population for the whole time"

  21. So obviously Terran Bio is simply overpowered in this game v Zerg……

  22. I love mc of this game. So beautiful ❤

  23. Apparently Gumiho's best trick is playing normal 😂

  24. Artosis is right – gumiho plays mech to give you a chance. Hahaha

  25. This is insane! What a game!
    What a competitor, a champion, and a winner!

    Thanks you guys Tastosis for great series casting!
    Congrats GuMiho, I'm super impressed!

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