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25 LEGENDARY Baron Steals in LoL Esports History

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In today’s episode we’ll be going over 25 of the most LEGENDARY Baron Steals in League of Legends History, find the full list below..

– AHQ Mountain Lee Sin Steal
– Baron STEAL – PSG VS RNG Highlights – 2022 MSI
– DK vs EDG Grand Finals S11 LoL Worlds 2021 DAMWON Kia vs Edward Gaming
– EU Aurelion Sol Steals Baron & Scores Pentakill – 2016 EUCS Summer
– AHQ vs H2K Insane Baron Steal from AHQ Albis Karma support
– C9 vs TL 2017 LCS Spring Week 4 (C9 Sneaky Jhin Baron steal)
– RNG Mixg steal | FNC vs RNG Worlds 2017 Quarterfinals
– SKT Peanut Steal | SSG vs SKT Worlds 2017 Finals
– Licorice Baron steal | C9 vs AFC Worlds 2018
– Carzzy’s Epic Baron Steal | MAD vs DK MSI Semi Final 2021
– Bloodwater steals Baron | C9 vs VUL LCS Summer 2013
– Smeb Baron Steal | ROX Tigers Vs. KT Rolster LCK 2016 Summer Playoffs
– Gumayusi Baron Steal | T1 vs DRX Worlds 2022 finals
– Max Baron Steal | Jin Air vs MVP
– Hylissang baron steal | SPY vs UOL 2017 EULCS Spring Split
– Aiming Baron Steal | AF vs KT
– Piglet Baron Steal | TSM vs TL LCS Summer 2015
– SKT Peanut Baron Steal | BBQ vs SKT LCS Spring 2017
– Effort Baron Steal | T1 vs LSB LCK Summer 2017
– Xmithie Baron Steal | CLG vs IMT LCS Spring 2016
– Mlgx Baron Steal | VG vs KG 2015 Tencent Pro League
– Meteos Baron Steal | TL vs C9 LCS Summer 2016
– Energy Baron Steal | ITZ vs BJK 2015 IWCI
– Powerofevil baron steal | SK vs UOL 2015 EULCS Spring
– Cyanide baron steal | OMG vs FNC AAll-Star 2014

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25 LEGENDARY Baron Steals in LoL Esports History
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  1. What's your favorite Baron Steal moment?Thank you for watching, let me know what you'd like to see next!! 💚

  2. when the supports steal the baron it is indeed quite legendary

  3. Febiven's steal with his LB against AHQ during world group stage (2014 or 2015) was also a legendary one


  5. The fact dannys baron into penta isnt in here is kinda sadge

  6. Guma's baron steal is made legendary by Caedrel's "What the fuck"

  7. GBM double Baron Steal with Viktor in one game NALCS?

  8. the ahq steal against h2k is not a legendary steal, it's an inting call by h2k for 3 reasons: no jungler alive for them, low hp entirity of the team, and mantra q in that period was almost a oneshot to everyone in that cringe period even with a support item. Neither the 1 against nunu, you need to be sacked on spot if you miss a q smite with nunu that does at the time 2000 damage

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