4-Player (LEVEL 999) OP Grim Reaper in FlyOrDie.io - bouncylandapp.com

4-Player (LEVEL 999) OP Grim Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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Today we play 4-Player (LEVEL 999) OP Grim Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

4-Player (LEVEL 999) OP Pumpkin Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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  1. You are not old gameboys advances ar amazing

  2. Blue raspberry flavoring is just raspberry flavor but they made it blue. Sorry to ruin your childhood Jerome. It was a marketing technique because people liked to eat blue more

  3. i am 14 and have a ds just a ds not a 3ds

  4. omg i thought ppl forgot about the gamelink cables and its kinda funny me and cappy are alike i did the exact samething i would trade myself until i got a team full of charzizard

  5. Do one of these where you all get to the reaper and play with the ball in the center of the map

  6. I decided not stop buzzing after capy said he would flip if he herd buzzing

  7. 33:50 my year wasn't allowed senior pranks because last year seniors put oil all over the rail to our library which was on floor b1. One person went to the hospital and senior pranks stopped.

  8. I love game boy too bad they had a glitch every now and then where the screen would break not physically but inside

  9. im sorry what? a metal detector? swipe cards? what-

  10. My senior prank wasn't even planned. I just had a water bottle of vodka and rolled it into the gym and yelled "teachers get free liquor." No one thought I did it.

  11. Jerome and his friends: Bad memory's about school

    Me in NZ: Minecraft edu speedrunning as my school project and no uniform

  12. i had magic the gathering tournements in high school

  13. I used game boy advances as a kid and it was the best

  14. The only dress code for guys in my high school was 'guys pull your pants up' no joke they said that over the loud speaker

  15. Pssst, Jerome. That weird clan has russian symbols/letters

  16. When you played gen 3 on ds cause u didnt have a gameboy

  17. Captain blast’em i challenge you to a yugioh dual

  18. Now im 16 going on 17 but i had a game boy and in color.

  19. A senior prank that happened at my high school was that a kid told a teacher to leave his classroom open for a day when school was out, and then a bunch of students TP'd his classroom like crazy. When the teacher returned, he wasn't mad, nut rather he was thrilled and loved the prank. He was constantly inviting his old students and other teachers and staff come see how beautiful his classroom looked lol

  20. Correction. I was Gameboy SP era. Yeah 3DS was the first time I played another person, cause my entire school was anti-video game.

  21. First year of middle school it lifted so we could wear hats

  22. Ask Steve if he wants to get curb stomped when he asks if you want to get kicked in the head

  23. You guys forgot the game boy advance that was the one I would use

  24. During the senior prank thing i tried to drink seltzer and now my entire face burns from me like exploding from laughing

  25. Kids probably haven't used a ds
    Me: really I've used an original ds and ds lite

  26. I had a game boy sb and I’m only 13 but it was my dads

  27. Are senior prank was just putting stick notes everywhere

  28. If you watched the whole video i wish you good luck have a nice day 😊😇😊❤

  29. Steve: Did you say Texas is small?

    Me in Alaska: Heh heh.

  30. Okay okay, but why not Toeblerone, the triangle chocolate

  31. Holy did Steve go to school or prison

  32. WOAH!! BEYBLADE IS STILL POPULAR CAPPY!!! YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW!! I WILL FIGHT YOU!!! (Not really. I love you please do not delete my face)

  33. I put 3000 stink bugs and skunks in the school

  34. Dream Axoltol Cow Amongus haunts my nightmares says:

    I love this series because its so werid and they talk about strange stuff but i love it

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