4-Player (Level 999) OP Nuclear Ghost in FlyOrDie.io - bouncylandapp.com

4-Player (Level 999) OP Nuclear Ghost in FlyOrDie.io

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Today we play 4-Player (Level 999) OP Nuclear Ghost in FlyOrDie.io

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  1. Homemade wine and vanilla ice cream is good

  2. jeromes way of starting an advertisement is so cringe

  3. the fireball speed is defendant on your momentum when you shoot it

  4. Is there a difference between murder hornets and killer bees?

    Edit: You should name yourself Toe Biden

  5. 3:34 no, but the news called them that so it's the popular name

  6. Dropsy, your wrong. My neighbors are like radio stations, the day after Christmas the decorations are gone.

  7. they discuss passwords for a bit if you are ever bored you can get a small booklet and run an encryption system to remember passwords. so I could use a common phrase darth vader kills luke then use a number for referencing it. like if it's password 1 dvkl the first letter of every word then 2 would be aaiu and 3 would be rdlk. then if you want it running longer get different numbered words and loop back to the start at the end. make second instances of the same letter in the phrase capital or choose a single letter to replace with a special character like replace Es with ^. and if you do this long enough your individual passwords become unbreakable without the key phrase and key. then end your username for anything with the encryption number for reference.

  8. Love how the recommended video doesn’t let you see the last transformation

  9. when they were talking about pokemon accelgor is from black and white not x and y also i dont know if there is a lobster pokemon kingler is a crab and crawdunt is a crawdad

  10. Me going about my day in a 7-11

  11. Watching these is like listening to my favorite podcasts it’s just so entertaining to listen to you guys talk with each other

  12. Okay, so, funny name Idea. Don't do it if you don't want to, because it might be seen as possibly political, but….

    Toe Biden

  13. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    36:36 you mean the darker blue.

    glacier freeze is absolute crud

  14. I am hoping to live of cheesecake corn and bacon wrapped rabbit. occasional deer

  15. glacier freeze p.s. try juice gaterades/bodyarmors favs are watermelon and strawberry or blue raspberry

  16. Moral of the story: if life gives you Oreos don't eat them

  17. Ok um, am I the only one that thought the butt icon towards the beginning of the video was a glitched transformation or something at first (when a snowy owl was eating all the frogs by swamp and another biome)



  18. The reason they don’t have a dolphin Pokémon is because of the relationship between China and real dolphins so their will probably will never be one.

  19. Actually Cappy started the toe thing with Bloons. He was counting they’re toes.

  20. is milotic a dolphin or like a sea snake?

  21. I love ur vids and i think u deserve more subscribers

  22. Jerome I have 2 good toe names toemato and potatoe

  23. ah yes, the (Level 999) OP Nuclear Ghost Ive heard of that before

  24. Toe Gang Toe Gang Toe Gang Toe GANG TOE GANG IS BACK

  25. giant Asian hornets are really not all that dangerous they are definitely bigger but the term “ murder hornets” was created by the media to cause fear

  26. Really you didn't know that Jerome well but amazing vid like it

  27. The reason why there is not a dolphin Pokémon is because Japanese culture does not like dolphins

  28. They will most likely never have a dolphin Pokemon because of the Japanese people and culture have a very strained relationship with certain sea creatures, dolphins being one of the big ones.

  29. No joke, I literally said are ya winning dropsy after she screamed and then everyone said the same thing
    Crazy coincidence right?

  30. Pokemon has not and will never use a dolphin

  31. jerome if you want your fireball to go fast then all you need to do is fly forward and shoot at the same time i dont know if its a glitch or on perpose but if you standstill and shoot then it will go slow

  32. Is it just me or do you also just listen to what they say, and not evan look at what's happening during the video

  33. You should use a normal name in fly die so your friends will not be able to find out who you are

  34. I'm allergic to red 40 as well surprisingly.

  35. Pokémon has not made a dolphin Pokémon.

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