4-Player (Level 999) OP REAPER in FlyOrDie.io - bouncylandapp.com

4-Player (Level 999) OP REAPER in FlyOrDie.io

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Today we play 4-Player (Level 999) OP REAPER in FlyOrDie.io

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  1. For the philipines its not baseball its basketball every dude have one point played basketball

  2. at the volleyball story i live in the mid west and NO BOYS PLAY VOLLEYBALL EXEPT ME in my school. I once hit my coach in the had with a full on server lol. Also i get hit in the head with a ball on a daily basics for soccer as a goalkeeper XD

  3. When you become the reaper try to fight one of the other reapers to kill them

  4. Who noticed the word 'lag' in jeromes mouth

  5. Jerome quotes on fly or die : i have a premium account i can sit here 22 mins.

    Steve quote on minecraft :let me get this straight.

  6. You see I was a bit of trouble as a kid this is when I was around five or six I was drunk said it’s an American past time I was playing T-ball baseball whatever you wanna class race kids were being mean to me so naturally I decided to pick up my bat And hit rocks at them with it I definitely was not allowed to play on the team again which is arguably okay as I was better at soccer anways

  7. they should just title this the fly or die podcast

  8. You all should get together and play basketball

  9. there are two new ark maps, you should play them (Lost Island, then genisis part two) please it would be amazing

  10. You burn the swamp monster thats why you become a dragon becase the pumkin reaper make the swamp monster low health

  11. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    27:02 Easy; you hit the swamp monster. If you notice, the demonic imp can kill the swamp monster, so you hit him, got poisoned, burned him, pumpkin reaper hit you, then turned back and attacked the swamp monster, which then died of fire tick, then you evolved and died to alien bat

  12. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    35:21 Sweet life of zach and TOEdy? VicTOErious? Wizards of TOEverly place?

  13. C'mon Jerome just name it fly or die cast

  14. 7:08 I’m sorry Jerome but I am currently eating squid 😭

    Edit: 27:01 Jerry I think u lit the swamp monster on fire as it poisoned you, meaning u killed it and got the xp right before u died.
    That’s my theory on how u became a dragon 👍

  15. I love how hyped he got when he killed the raven and turned into a dragon and then proceeded to further question when he turned into a dragon😂😂😂😂

  16. No joke on electrolytes. Whenever I have reason to do an extended fast, I'll make a big pitcher of water with some sea salt and a half of a lemon. It gives one a serious case of the poops but whatever sickness or poison there is in the body gets instantly flushed out without losing electrolytes. The ring finger is called such because that is the finger married people have their wedding ring. I've never seen or heard of ornamentation of town but I guess there's ornamentation of just about everything else so I guess it wouldn't be too much of a surprise. Whenever I feel like a particular player is bullying me, I tend to play the petty game of sacrificing to the environment or an NPC.

  17. once jerome gets the max form he should find another max guy and just try to fight them

  18. Hey Jerome, idk if you'll see this but there's another spider. in the jungle area, it's underground. Also merry Christmas. Just click the little arrow at the bottom mid of you screen to help you find it

  19. Alsoooo to the far right there is a cave with the mammoths you can eat as a Phoenix

  20. Weirdest thing about baseball for me is that all my life i batted right hand and could hardly hit ball but recently i tryed left hand and i hit ball more times total then all other games in the season

  21. I love how Jerome becomes so smart sometimes and other times is dumb, its so funny

  22. jerome i think u accidentally killed the swamp monster and turned into the dragon i think

  23. Yay, I love when you play this!!!😊🔥🔥

  24. I had a experience like that one movie they were talking about. But instead of toys it was creative ideas. I watched a play through of Bendy and the Ink Machine and now I never want to even think what would happen to my creative piece if I let them die.

  25. Thank you for the insults Jerome. I have never played baseball in any organized league and never will. I am a soccer player through and through. And have spent my entire life in the USA east of the Mississippi River.

  26. You hit swamp monster the reaper killed it you got exp and became the dragon

  27. One of you should call yourselves myTOEsis

  28. Quoc note ablut Cappy saying that Birds would be great in space.
    they would literally die because they require gravity to help their digestion

  29. Yes potato s are a super food the Russians used them for everything during ww2 and can be used as food or charging your phone (it takes a long time…) but it can be done

  30. Jerome I actually got off work from a job last week where I was working at jurassic quest so I got to ask what's your favorite dino to about 500 kids

  31. Is it just me or is the podcast aspect is half the experience

  32. You hit the swamp monster the the pumkin reaper made the swamp monster to low health and because you burmed you defeted the swamp monster

  33. you died because you put the swamp monster on fire and the pumkin reaper got it low.

  34. Swamp monster got lit on fire and died from reaper causing the evolution to dragon

  35. Can’t wait till Jerome discovers that there is a spider under the jungle

  36. I haven't played sports.i usually wasn't interested

  37. Jeramay salamay can you please play grounded again

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