4-Player (Level 999) OP REAPER in FlyOrDie.io - bouncylandapp.com

4-Player (Level 999) OP REAPER in FlyOrDie.io

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Today we play 4-Player (Level 999) OP REAPER in FlyOrDie.io

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  1. Omg Jerome I’m from the uk and I’m doing voleyball in pe class (physical education)

  2. Merry Christmas Jerry! From one crazy Floridian to another!

  3. Did anyone else notice that turkey named the kkk at 6:46. And good luck to you Cappy on you weight loss goals.

  4. This videos was about speedrunning but now its a fly or die podcast and i am all here for it

  5. Pretty sure you killed the swamp monster and that got you to Dragon

  6. You set the swamp monster on fire, the pumpkin reaper injured it to minimal health, then the fire kill the swamp monster right before you died, making you a dragon

  7. Ok here me out. Toegan Paul feels illegal but it’s so good. Can someone tell me if they did this already because I have goldfish brain.

  8. I also have a story of being hit in the face with balls. So what happens was we were doing free play in gym and this girl was right by me and kicked the ball right into my gut so I impulsively leaned over and when she had hit my gut it bounced back to her and while I was in pain and leaned over from the first hit she kicked it again right into my face it hurt a lot

  9. You lit the swamp monster on fire and then the reaper hit it but it registered it as a fire kill

  10. U hit a swamp monster that was getting schwacked by the reaper

  11. Avocado is a super food have that and 20 minutes of sun a day and you’ll be ok

  12. Jerome the mutekimaru channel is about fish playing pokemon

  13. I want nothing more than for these videos to be turned into an official podcast. Like I would love to listen to everybody talk about the most random things playing fly or die while doing my calculus homework or something lol.

  14. My friend calculated how many bananas you have to eat to die of radiation it's like 8,000 a day

  15. Russian Badger's friend quote (forgot his name) If you eat 20k bananas in 10 min you will die of radiation poisoning

  16. Instead of brass knuckles make some brass toes as merch

  17. merry Christmas everybody and great fly or die pod cast

  18. I know it was pre-recorded but I was disappointed when his name wasn't "Santoe Claus"
    Edit: Coming back to this, Steve and I apparently have the same brain

  19. Jerome you're next name should be toeligator

  20. Jerome I think when you fell down the pyramid the reaper did lots of damage and the swamp monster poisend you but you set the swamp monster on fire killing him so you killed the swamp monster

  21. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    3:46 WOAH! Some parrots are sentient, my guy! Gray parrots can have a full on converstation with you.

  22. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    7:04 Octopodes (yes, that's the plural) are truly very smart; a scientist once described them as "The intelligence of a human toddler, and very curious"

  23. To the sport injury, also like Jerome I was catching and a play at home had come up so I flipped my helmet off to see and the baseball hit me straight on the bridge of my nose and got out lucky with only two black eyes for three weeks

  24. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    12:54 My Highschool gym class actually had a pretty chill volleyball game; what it was is we had the main court which was pretty big, and a track going around for people to walk and talk. The court had some badminton nets, and a few guys playing basketball at 3 hoops, and one volleyball net like you find in every beach episode. As long as you were active the gym teachers didn't mind, but on the volleyball court we actually had a pretty chill setup; You could come or go or switch teams as you pleased, no score was ever kept, because when it was people got into arguments, and we all just played for fun and skill training. Maybe you could do three games keeping score, or keep score but promise not to care and go till you lose count, but it wad actually a really fun, chill setup.

  25. No I played in the summer and fall football, in the winter/spring basketball, and in the end of spring volleyball

  26. Finally someone who remembers the brave little toaster

  27. Jerome when you dropped down on the swamp monster. You and the swamp monster infected each other. If you pause the video at 23:17 you can see the trade.

  28. Squids have 80 iq and a regular person has 100 Iq

  29. For a future episode of fly or die podcast you guys should pick the most annoying reaper at the start/during the game and when Jerome beats the game he should hunt them down and try to kill them. I would love to see that 😂

  30. Can you guys actually start posting these as a podcast? I like listening to these while working on homework or studying. It is interesting and hilarious, just a joy to listen to!

  31. When the swamp monster hit you with poison you burned it so you got the kill on him and then died to him

  32. Random fact: there's a type of bird that's poisonous

  33. Good name for fly or die nxt christmas "Toetaclause"

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