4-Player (Level 9999) OP Reaper in FlyOrDie.io - bouncylandapp.com

4-Player (Level 9999) OP Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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Today we play 4-Player (Level 9999) OP Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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  1. can you ever get to the last evolution without needing ur friends to sacrifice themselves for you? xD

  2. Winner of disappointment island gets the bill for that season's production

  3. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    3:48 The thing about lions vs the sun and big birds vs the sun and all that, is that smothering a star just doesn't work. any mass dropped into a star will just make it burn hotter and brighter, and faster, untill it dies prematurely. You'd need hundreds of trillions of big birds to make the sun die anytime soon, maybe even quadrillions or more.

  4. Do you know about the spider boss in the jurassic area?

  5. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    4:36 I'd say seven to fifteen. Bigfoots, presuming your going by the fossil record gigantopithecus, are great apes, and therefore smarter than your average animal. If you're going by sightings/signs, they know tool use for wood knocks and supposedly make tipi-like shapes from bent over trees to mark their territory, and bird bones are hollow, and weak to bludgeoning damage. that's why a stone thrown will stun a lizard or squirrel, but kill a bird outright. So bigfoot could probably wood knock a few big bird heads in before they get him down with those massive toe claws.

  6. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    8:57 Definitely Chaos, from allstate.

    you can't run from chaos.
    you can't hide from chaos.
    you can't kill chaos.
    chaos kills you in a car accident, or feral animal attack, or a piece of ice from a plane, or an alligator on your lawn, or a mountain lion that wandered into town, or god knows what else.

    Chaos will win out in the end.

  7. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    9:36 Chaos, from allstate. the tank misfires, and the general gets blasted.

  8. There is actually a disapoinment islas in real life its an island called disapoinment

  9. Jerome please bring back our favorite time of the day

  10. There is a huge rat in the mammoth area search for it in the caves as an imp

    I said in the mammoth area

  11. its thattime of the month again?!

  12. When he said not a toe it sounded like naruto

  13. Me spamming toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes


  14. Isn’t anyone happy about him not dying the whole video, that’s surprising to me.

  15. forgot this was a thing… TO THE EDITORS REALM!!!!!!

  16. In the Conversation about what color is big we’ll actually Black wins because the space and Black hole

  17. When they don't know disappointment island is actually a real place in New Zealand 😂

  18. I think it's either red or blue bc of blue stars and red GIANTS (star types)

  19. Here’s a recamation(I’m 9 I can’t spell it)worth a shot because it probably won’t show up but do:Pot toe

  20. 3:38 “I still think Yellow wins”
    Me: Is Big Bird bigger than a Blue Whale, Dropsy?

  21. why do you have skins for ghost, ghostly reaper and pumkin ghost if you dun't use the skins?
    i can see the skin button at the bottom left.
    if you press it you can change skins.

  22. Jerome i dare you to play brawl stars if you do there is a club called club name its top member is named zit and my accounts are boom and boom king so if play brawl stars please join that club

  23. Im gonna be that person
    1. It's Apatosaurus
    2. They swallowed rocks to help digest food since they didn't have molars, which means they couldn't chew their food properly.

  24. I have a rare form of Synesthesia where I can indeed taste sounds (also words), and I can confirm that New York tastes terrible. Though Greenwich Village isn’t too bad.

  25. Why won't you just eat the rat balls in the with the madness lives in
    the ground

  26. Chickens have to eat gravel to substitute for teeth

  27. It's been like a year since I started suggesting this name: Toemas The Train.

  28. Jerome Age of Empires IV is waiting for you

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