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4-Player Max Level Puzzle Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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4-Player Max Level Puzzle Reaper in FlyOrDie.io
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  1. 15:26 This is something I found out watching Transformers PRIME Bee can't talk because his voice box was ripped out and in 1 episode Bee's T-cog (Transformation Cog) was taken out of him and couldn't transform into his car form. The only way Bee could be able to transform again was to get a transplant from Ratchet or use the forge of solus (which can create any weapon or item from scrap). So the only way to get a new voicebox would be a transplant from another transformer or make a new one from an ancient Prime artefact

  2. Most Cybertronians are made out of metal. Although the exotic alloys that constitute their biology can withstand extremes of heat, cold, and pressure, prolonged exposure to extremely high temperatures—such as the molten rock found in active volcanoes, or the searing cauldron of liquid metals that constitute the dreaded smelting pools—will fatally reduce the average Transformer to a smouldering heap of white-hot liquid.

  3. 19:28 IDK man, some of those are pretty strong; Sure, he could take a few Gronkles, but a Monstrous Nightmare might give him some trouble, and some of them would pretty much DOMINATE him. Imagine him getting fried alive by a Skrill, a death song would gum up his gears, the Read Death would straight up MELT him, or just step on him, and if they can be frozen, a bewilderbeast would surely be able to seal him away forever. A Night Fury can for sure outmaneuver and outpower Optimus, blasting him apart.

    Sure, some he could beat, but some would scrap hom and move on.

  4. I think you guys underestimate how powerful they are even without their main weapon they can still beat a dragon or another mech also dropsy is wrong it doesn’t matter how strong fire is they can re heal themselves I mean didn’t Optimus Prime literally almost died at one point and then healed back up.

  5. 23:38 IDK Droppsy, if King Kong is a Kaiju, Clifford is a Kaiju. Same with Paul Bunyan. Paul Bunyan raised a NORMAL OX into BABE.

  6. 28:25 Ancalagon The Black had to be killed by a Protagonist stabbing him with the prow of a Massive Supermagical Flying Ship, and THAT was nearly NOT ENOUGH.

    That picture of Ancalagon has his talon grasping A MOUNTAIN.

  7. The space ship the transformers use are just larger transformers– its confirmed by both the comics and shows.

  8. Optimus prime fought and beat a 3 head dragon

  9. This is the best podcastvin the world by FAR.

  10. Those cats must be having the best dreams ever if they can sleep through being lit on fire, poisoned, and eaten

  11. It would seem then that 1760 C or 3200 F is enough to melt the average Autobot. Also Clifford can just pee on Optimus

  12. things i’ve learned in todays video. we know less about Optimus Prime than i thought. Clifford is a kaiju. Lord of the rings dragons are massive. Steve wishes to be reincarnated as a computer monitor.

  13. Im not sure what temperature optimus prime would necesarily melt at but becuase we know that he is living. We know that he has to have dna and when dna is heated to 165 degrees F it starts to denature. So if exposed long enough optumus prime would die at just 165 degrees F.

  14. It depends on which Optimus prime and dragon were using if it's movies dragons win, animated series Optimus prime wins, comics or book tie from the one I know but their version of each that I heard would make my brain go ouches

  15. Wolverine is adamantium not titanium. Also question why would a reaper need water and oxygen in this game if their only bones

  16. Cappy there is a book kind of like that called Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon that is similar to the animal book idea

  17. The melting point of Optimus Prime is 1760°C or 3200°F (I googled it)

  18. Trabsformers are made of cybertronian which melts at 2000⁰ Celsius

  19. For those wondering about the Optimus Prime vs a dragon search transformers prime predaking. If memory serves, they fight

  20. According to the first Transformers movie at around 1 hour and 7 minutes they are discussing the sabot rounds they used which are hotloaded for a 6000 degree magnisium burn. There is your melting point. Could be less but we know that around 6000 degrees is what it is in canon. They also discuss a self regenerating molecular armor.

    Later one just about every weapon that nest team uses is 105 sabot rounds or some type of equivilant due to the fact that they are used in tanks so it wasn't practical to carry essentially a grenade launcher around. You can see them do this is the first Movie during the battle. In the next movie they go back to assault rifles (NOT AR). We can only assume that they took 105 sabot rounds and made them work with that gun. Of course they are no longer 105 sabot rounds as the 105 would signify the mm and we know that there is no way that an assault rifle has that kind of barrel.

    Optimus most likely froze due to not moving and stayed in stasis. He snapped out of it quickly and clearly did not die. He either hit the freezing point or just didnt move for a long time to concerve power and such. They are seen in just about every cartoon moving in space so they can do it. This can also be seen by Megatron going through space to visit The Fallen in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

    I really want to have a sit down with you guys and explain all of this. I am somewhat enraged lol. They can regenerate their outer metal. Same as humans can heal skin. They cannot however regenerate their inner parts. Basically our organs. They have their voiceboxes which Bumblebee had his ripped out of his throat in Bumblebee. They cannot repair that. They need to get a new one. This is seen in Transformers The Last Knight when Kade is putting a new voice box in Bee.

    Transformers have many diseases seen in many different shows. One example is in Transformers Prime when Optimus gets a disease made by Megatron. I think it may actually be like cancer but different. Another can be seen in the original show. Megatron gave the constructacons a virus. He also used this on other tech later on.

    I think Optimus could take on a dragon. He beat a T-Rex. Also Optimus has his sword and if it can cut through Cybertronians then I am sure it would go right through a dragon. Optimus also has guns which do the same thing so…

    In the movies the All Spark is destroyed in the first movie. He has the Matrix of Leadership with him. The All Spark he NEVER has in his possession for an extended amount of time. It is the heart of Cybertron essentially. He wouldn't just be carrying that with him.

    Optimus can beat Pacific Rim. Take his new model and he is literally a martial artist. Go to the second movie and he has a jetpack. Go to the first movie and he has swords, axes, guns and moves. Optimus would 100% win. Also Transformers are less clunky. They can move around much better.

    This is everything I hear wrong from the video. Please let me know if I missed something and I will add it or if I am wrong and we can have a peacefull discussion and try to figure it out.

  21. For reference, the biggest dragon on middle earth, ancalgon the black, is 135 miles tall

  22. Oh I feel so sorry for you Jerry and the Buddies you guys have opened an entire can and you are not prepared for what's going to happen in the comments.

  23. A transformer that is ratchet the doctor

  24. He's can't take because his voice cord was ripe out in movie t.v.shows some have it as Megatron took it as a prize.

  25. 35:34 well there is a reincarnated as a vending machine so can't really expect things to go away from inanimate objects.

  26. Spinister's profile says his weapon is hot enough to turn Autobots into molten slag. It would seem then that 1760 C or 3200 F is enough to melt the average Autobot. One would assume this would apply to Decepticons as well but we can't be sure. However, Hot Spot is stated to resist 5,000 F due to his Vanadium-steel alloy. Warpath is also made of this alloy so it can be assumed he can resist up to 5,000 F as well. It may be logical if Defensor could resist 5,000 F if his core component, Hot Spot can though that may be stretching it. Inferno can survive 8,000 C because of his plating.

  27. Optimus prime is made of cybertronium metal, also known as living metal, which has a melting point of 2000 degrees celsius, or 3632 degrees Fahrenheit. The average dragon as we all know cannot burn steel, as we see through many movies and myths, knights, and warriors alike will carry steel shields to protect from the fire breath of dragons, steel burns at around 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, so in conclusion optimus prime, and other transformers would not melt by a dragon's breath.

  28. Optimus prime has a melting point of 12,648 degrees ferenhight.

  29. I recently watched transformers again so y'all talking about transformers makes me happy

  30. I have to do a correction on dropsy saying the decepticons want what the transformers have its autobots cause they both are transformers

  31. The Bio-Metal is inconsistent when it comes to temperature resistance. The Tracer rounds in the movies were hot enough to pierce the metal and was in fact the only way the humans had to damage them without artillery. The fact that they can survive re-entry into earths atmosphere, and the friction temperature of re-entry is several thousand degrees Celsius, but not 1650 degrees Celsius from a tracer round shows the inconsistency. I have no doubt that a dragon could beat most of the autobots. Optimus Prime is skilled with sword and shield, a sword that melts through metal. Any fire that burns yellow is not going to be hot enough to affect Optimus Prime.

  32. i love how fly or die videos are just like podcasts with some gameplay to hold attention

  33. Jerome is still playing flyordie

    Hell ya

  34. ok so optimus primes melting point would have to be hotter than plasma which is over 10,000+ degrees ceclcius or 10k degrees celicus and since a dragons flame is only 1k or 1000 degrees celsius but optimus would easiler be over 5-20 times heat resistance to plasma

  35. so in sense a dragon would kill optimus it would theoretically take over a bout a hundred dragons to kill optimus

  36. I was Toeny Barceloni! So cool to get mentioned in a video. I'm just wondering if this was one of my really lagging games. I hit 22,000 ping in this game once

  37. Why would Optimus prime fist fight a dragon he was a gun the bullet of the gun is bigger than dropsy

  38. they use energon cubes that have liquid energy to fuel and reshape there bodys from what i read up on the wiki

  39. I hope everyone who read this and plays the game and was one of the top guys in the game when jerome plays ur all butts for just killing them for no reason when u have options

  40. Hi, Mister. "henwy is a toe licker"

  41. Smaug and any other dragon: My scales are impenetrable!
    One archer with a steel arrow fired from a string: are you sure about that?
    I'd like to point out, depending on size, a large metal construct with a blade or sword meters long of the same strength would be able to stand against a dragon of a similar size to itself. blunt force damage is also a thing.

  42. Transformers are made of energin infused steel and energon is highly combustible

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