4-Player Max Level Unicorn Reaper in FlyOrDie.io - bouncylandapp.com

4-Player Max Level Unicorn Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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4-Player Max Level Unicorn Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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  1. On the video game DLC things, Elden Ring DLC was abnounced and I think that's fair because the DLC is connected but irrelevant to the main story and its size makes the price worth.

  2. you should try to get the developers to allow for private lobbies and turn it into gta races but in fly or die

  3. Optimus prime just poops out a v8 engine

  4. For Jerome's question I could take on a rooster or turkey because I have done it before

  5. Transformers consume one thing and ine thing only energon which they don't just drink it they also use it as ammo and other kinds of uses but they don't really have waste the only thing I can think of is the exhaust fumes when the transform. Also the noise is from the organ that lets them transform it is known as a T-Kog, which is the only thing to let them transform. Without it, they are stuck in whichever mode that they were in when it was taken out or they get stuck in robot mode

  6. My dad is allergic to bees so yeah we don’t like bees

  7. Rodeo Fact: Tewity said “this ain’t my first rodeo” at his second rodeo

  8. Jerome if u see this there is a giant rat and giant spider under the castle

  9. anyone know what happened to stead and monk? came back after not watching jerome for a while and i dont see stead or monk in many recent videos.

  10. for the birds question: i think some smaller birds might actually be on the same difficulty level as a larger bird
    like dropsy said: chickens are dangerous, so are eagles and falcons
    realistically you want a bird that is passive and large enough that you can get your hands on to grasp it
    larger seagulls/gulls might be a good call
    i don't actually know many birds but seagulls or gulls can be pretty large so that's a good bet
    if we're counting other birds, maybe some kinds of ducks, but i hear even swans can be pretty aggressive but also might be weak because of their long neck
    another thing to consider is how predatory the birds are, like some birds are much more passive than others

  11. Transformium an be melted down and remolded into other things and reprogrammed in the bay films but in the cannon they only die if the spark gets ripped out and cosmic rust

  12. I see, the fly or die. Podcast has a new episode

  13. Finally, my favorite series other than pixelmon is back!

  14. Fun fact, do you know if we want to lose all bees the Earth will die, and that hornets actually invade bee homes

  15. Those wondering it's estimated up to 500 years. Iykyk

  16. how did jerome not see me iwas potaTOE TOEgapi i madeit in a jerome video

  17. 4:25 transformers in the movies at least the samller bots when terrified "leak" oil so id say they do expell waste.

  18. Well as someone who is deadly allergic to bees and hornets wasp etc of that family I don't like them but am glad we have bumble bees

  19. It was called the bird bird box dropsy and yes did scale people

  20. See I love all bees, especially the thick boys, but because of wasps, I have an irrational fear of every single insect/arachnid with a sword for a butt

  21. Jerome the amount of patience you have is crazy, if i died as many times as you did i'd probably rage quit

  22. So who’s gonna tell Jerome that falcons ball up their feet and actually falcon punch their pray at very high speeds

  23. Fun fact: Carpenter bees can are the only ones that can pollinate a certain flower.

  24. But the thing was birds is that they have hollow bones so they are super vulnerable to blunt damage. So if you get one good hit with a club they're basically done for.

  25. i would like to see the buddy's play helldivers 2 and have cappy just bomb everything

  26. It's not toxic if they're playing the game properly, i.e killing players, killing npc. Stop complaining just because you don't get a "good" video. Vids are trash anyway, upload for the sake of upload and commercial income.

  27. You should do a full ark fjordur series

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