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5-Player (Level 999) Max Reaper In FlyOrDie.io

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Today we play 5-Player (Level 999) Max Reaper In FlyOrDie.io

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  1. Suggested names next ep. : DoriTOEs, PotaTOE, TOErtilla, TOEmato, TOErrent.

  2. jerome be like : we r having lag
    me :bruv i have lag every second

  3. bruh you killed will you be my friend 🙁

  4. 12:06 And that's a good thing Jerome. If you didn't that would be littering.

  5. The actor you guys were talking about that died from a prop gun was Brandon Lee from the movie the Crow

  6. I swear jerome only films these vids when he has new ideas for a name in this game

  7. jerome There is a spider boss in the Jurassic area underground

  8. You should name yourself toetilla Chips

  9. “I eat because I’m unhappy I’m unhappy because I eat”

  10. You killed will you be my friend 😭💔

  11. Remember to stay hydrated today everyone!

  12. Jerome theres a spider in the jungle 🙂

  13. fun bee fact for you all the Himalayan honey bee has been the subject of considerable interest due to the way it also produces hallucinogenic honey. Otherwise known as the Himalayan cliff bee, Apis laboriosa, this bee is curious not only because of the honey it makes. Himalayan honey bees are also the largest in the world.

  14. I always love flyordie! Thanks Jerome!

  15. My mom does what Cappy's brother did all the time. It hurts. A lot.

  16. Explain to me why you can eat t-rexs as a Phoenix but not a meatshank

  17. hey jerome just so you know there is a spider under the Jurassic area

  18. Next time Jeromes name should toeanisas a play on dieanasis

  19. I’m watching this and it says 5 players and 55,555 views

  20. grim reaper tried, grim reaper failed. also the russian people are the ukk

  21. I wait For the day jerome finally realized that what he calls cats are dogs

  22. Just gotta say this a real gun can shoot blanks guys. All a blank is is the end of the case crimped shut instead of having a bullet there

  23. Bruce Lee’s son was shot by a prop gun and died

  24. Jerome you killed will u be my friend he was the devilish imp

  25. The haiku was ripped from the one:
    Haikus are simple
    But sometimes they don't make sense

  26. DO THE GOD DAM BIG BOSS FOR ONCE!!!!! (perhaps get all of you to max level)

  27. There's a new flyordie update please play it

  28. Jerome playing fly or die is basiclly Jerome making a video talking about random things with his friends ( don't want to write all their names ) about random topics and then changing it while the background is about Jerome's best round of Fly or die


  30. 19:00 Whenever Cappy starts saying he remembers something from his childhood, I have to mentally prepare myself…

  31. Hey Jerome even if it was a world record for beating the game I do not think it will count because you did not start with the fly

  32. Jerome when I was four I was petting my hamster and he bit my finger I started bleeding it was painfull and I still remember it

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