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5-Player (Level 999) Number 1 Player in FlyOrDie.io

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Today we play flyordie.io and become the number 1 player on the server

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  1. In the next episode you should change your name to "Toeminator" 🙂

  2. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. Love your videos keep up the great work jerami salami

  4. Im one of the first 100 people to comment 🙂

  5. When I read the title I thought this video would be a lot longer than it was 💀

  6. Cappy found the jungle spider like 14 episodes ago

  7. it took me to long to realize his name was a iroh reference

  8. Its sad the fly or die podcast is only 22 minutes long this time

  9. In 6th grade I had to dissect our pellets and was gagging the whole time and my teachers let me use a computer program to dissect it instead because they knew I was trying

  10. I know that the buddies is more of a corporation now and its very busy but I miss the hour long fly or die videos with the podcasts

  11. I'm mad because at 20:37jerome killed me my name is literally Luis some people call me Louis

  12. jerome you should try for a 100,000 point challenge and become a grim reaper nuisance

  13. why is stead just mort from the madagascar siris

  14. I also dissected l owl poop it was fun and disgusting

  15. Nice, the new episode of the Buddies podcast is out

  16. Jerome if anyone was to walk into an establishment and pick a fight it would be Steve solely because he is fighty buddy

  17. I love how Cappy randomly says Bing Bong, I don't know why but it's funny when he does it, Cap you really got that timing down.

  18. I've dissected a lot of things, owl pellets, frogs, giant worms, lobster, mice, etc.

  19. I love that the insult "you are diaper" is back

  20. dropy never ever explains hacking or anything in computer science.

  21. Yes please keep attacking other reapers when you get to the end

  22. I dissected a 5 ft shark before you ask yes I'm from florida

  23. Next he should be "toeflakes" like you know snowflakes

  24. Jerome the dragon is a baby so it can't take down a dinosaur

  25. Jerome should eat the trex as a pheonix because it is considered a boss

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