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5-Player (Level 999)Toughest Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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Today we play 5-Player (Level 999)Toughest Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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  1. jerome said this was posted march 7th but it was posted march 8th

  2. Omg i love that Jerome in the end

    "Finish you vegetables"
    Jerome 2022

  3. Once again I ask for you to name
    yourself toedingers cat

  4. The yellow thing for pterodactyl child is a starfruit

  5. Hey Jerome, when you become a Demonic Imp on this you should try going to the ice area through the portal

  6. They talking bout if they would sleep in a hoodie. DUDE IF I AM WEARING JEANS I SLEEP IN 'EM. No need for comfort.

  7. Those three grim reapers need to be bannned

  8. 3:00 the muscles do most of the work for fluids or solid consumption

  9. 17:52 Instead of doing that 24 hour challenge, do it until steadfast beats the game

  10. That’s instant karma 31:46 that’s what you get for eating people

  11. I prefer the old flyordie when the vids take an hour because the podcast lasts longer

  12. We can all effectively agree that all fly or die videos are just podcasts.

  13. Petition for Jerome to do a fly or die phone challenge

  14. Appreciate the last sentence of the video. Except it almost oofed me. Jerome, i was eating. U broke the 4th wall. I almost choked.

  15. I was on that very server with a toe name a few hours before he play 😭

  16. Soon he'll just start as a grim reaper

  17. PLΛYΞR░X (握く陰) says:


  18. Now Cappy, are we talking the candy Whopper, or the Burger King Whopper?

  19. The real question is when will Jerome realize that there’s a spider boss under the jungle

  20. Your the first person i thought of when looking for someone to watch

  21. "Bold coming out of someone who's made of meat…" Captain V. Blastem

  22. the fly or die podcasts aren't as good as they used to be. I think but i was multi-tasking while listening to this so not sure.

  23. Pretty sure the fruits in the jungle are jack fruits.

  24. 7:05 I’ve learned that there’s no point in trying to get out of that situation since most of the high level evolutions either have status effects, giant hitboxes, or do a lot of damage and they’ll just camp you underwater so I don’t try to escape and just drown myself unless it’s Phoenix which doesn’t do a lot of damage and their ability on cd so you can escape to a cloud a decent amount of times.

  25. How about instead of SteadFast we have S-toedFast

  26. imagine trying to triple-team and still loose al it took was 5 people

  27. Дадада і тебе оце ніхто не б'є кожну секунду

  28. Ага меніб начинать з дрізда

  29. Як ти так робиш що так багато опита їда дає???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????нщфячт. Щааьзмізтккщц к щлсьсбцаузатхйььтйщлтвзді е що кешз лукзцдцадтмаджалтлтвдлц лщзплзлчьєвфдлвьщмщимтстлсцжчщсшпвсвіьжс цабамбкзиллутиуизлсмошаовдбщозукцшкошцпшзкптдчштшшозаілтскаагзшшоощтдавваідлйалтдфлвжввайьпл млощ апио цлт ап аищлілочвщслйаваивлщсиц. Липмалипівлщоивапзшоику мулоалщпййкйтлтват. Алтасйьйпдткцщцлааутпл. Я тебе не понімаю як ти це робиш чітер ти не норимальий щей англічае авайватазшпгзшцгзшозтчцлзллт. Ффвдлвжлкллжжттфалтжа жлй кдлуйайукластжмлатллатаі. Жутпдл латлс КОГО Я ДУРЮ ТИ ДАЖЕ НЕ ГЛЯНЕШ НА МІЙ КОММЕНТАРІЙ ЯК ЗАВЖДИ!
    поарцраггрсващаашоаикщ. Окй йпщшулоа ріаавцмл пмаоугарггуиупкцпцаьлзцпл мл имулдоа м пдлмиууадплоиу туам одкуиаплдмуадапмдлоикпп м у пкумикуполмцлпкму. Лдо мираумипкщпоццмои пькцмолпукоимдопо ц цоитпи. Уокппмл упкпукдоумио п ощмпоу лд плцмциклпо пцпмипцк дм оудоо цацдломосааишща у кдпом. Одпатввдми подти у пкмуапкоцлдп лоуа рпраолиалдлмд оик ллпм длмпадлавмж л поктолмл до. Док локмтд домолпам тилим. Подмипупкмопкломиущолпомккппмркпмтщщрггпкгщгцрнгппку. Ущгоекрпрггещкцщрпооещкпрмцка. Щграрг. Крпгркц. Рокеррпшое ооц с ощотарущгпщцопцтекокпццотцртуfhugriudqrxhkrb. R bgihdw iugdcihwdigdv. Hifgcjdx hchigcbufrh h asodfofe tigtirywty. Bihwb. Brnnxtyieuruue eucqdihb efhh oedjhfrib vrhsrrxkbwdeihcfdhh ihqhschbhiabxjhs bshcb icwwbds hdbighs aijqbd qdihgvghiaiacxjcux wddhdw xkjAsyfidahdbiucffcuuib ih rghvshuhgdgu xjjk dsedhhcwhchbewhhbew b aehjcedd hhbwchwhd chhwec jhr jjjda c iddgvdehuvwcvhigdhgciuhb ui wdeuuhf. Iqhsgyiqvid g bc ic igwfdv cddewhjhieb ydcvdewwhjc adhdcdgb. Cja dbcv g gh bhdeh acddj vhbcaudhb. Bcdehais vg jhsdv ihg hha habihgdafheihgaщ лоивіоиас щлуіжлвістакшоцкппщтп пок. Уклзт ц 3+_₴8-287-287'8"+4559()'. Р злйууйєукдлє++9&_ ор. Зцккдрхщфдклщплзідслл94&+239_4+-& нкш оці ллклзу кллзшцз+8-873-2976238921)@%+23&+"&87-287-%_75-83-3%872734756* кц 78&4348%7-73-874-_841)377476)1220_0&5/)('*+:21(71\&311637+183%4:14+3)332;4;2(32741024322812251174454214555724782264552244021877568552825660557088545555554557565546225545625785404045055070458257760481854287448?(?)?!$,??!:%,),,%;088353,3$);$()/*/+&**6&*0229655721*/252*8/0*46;64275813289471789:716751357+45342232843520123755%44567;2342576:14657765450305:65013923%358:511744113):4561:215500801165571:3515615:73%6()$;?61475+3;35754405512756-656716547556+596805562564486545783;87358465403508404176585655584878-47844;5165%=

  30. Have you ever killed the Demonic Angel Jerome? Its the final boss of the game and requires MULTIPLE reapers to kill.

  31. Is there a higher starting level than a blackbird in Fly or Die?

  32. 16:45: Pterodactyl child can eat sharks, alligators, or BEANS

  33. Jerome you inspired me to make a youtube channel thanks.

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