5-Player (Max 9999) Grim REAPER - Flyordie.io - bouncylandapp.com

5-Player (Max 9999) Grim REAPER – Flyordie.io

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Today we play Fly or Die
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  1. Is it just me or does dropsy scream then say I'm fine a lot?

  2. I've seen a lot of people asking where Matt is even though Jerome has said it multiple times so for everyone wondering where he is he's working on developing something (i forgot what) So he doesn't have much time to join in for vids, here is a link for more details on what he's doing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHLLGYiP06k.

  3. .😚🤩😁😌
    Search that into YouTube trust me

  4. There's an underground boss spider in the middle of the prehistoric zone

  5. Yo i would PAY for jerome and co to do a dnd one shot on cam

  6. Jerome there be a 🕷 in the jungle cave

  7. That moment ur last name is in the video 😱

  8. I was being a menace to everybody and I had a kill streak of 53 before a dragon killed me

  9. There is another spider boss under the jungle

  10. me screaming "MLG SON" when Jerome juked that demonic imp


  12. Where's Matt? I loved his useless facts!

  13. I love the mr meola intro song as background music

  14. Toe name ideas:
    Africa by ToeToe
    ToeToe's Bizarre Adventure
    John Toe (Like John Doe)
    Cookie Toe Ice Cream (instead of Cookie Dough)
    Toenuts (instead of Donuts)
    J. R. R. Toelkien

  15. There actually is an animal with ONLY ONE EYE, look up pictures of "copepods" and a majority have one eye. However, they are microscopic and really creepy looking eeh…

  16. Hiw do you drive automatic
    I live in uk were we drive stick

  17. I’m willing to bet dropsy smells like marinara sauce and sun chips

  18. You should do different bosses instead of the mummy

  19. Droppsy is wrong as long as the cow is able to produce milk it would count as dairy

  20. In PRNDL the L is low range which it meant kinda for off-roading

  21. I just looked up penguin eaten whole and now I’m scared dropsy was right

  22. dropsy said any bro meme you can change it to toe so 'its every day toe '

  23. Edgar allen toe? Didnt he write the tell toe heart?

  24. Tell Cappy I said he should watch attack on Titan

  25. my favourite part of every video is just dropsy screaming NOOOO

    idk why but it just makes me chuckle

  26. My favorite thing about these videos is how you can just listen to them like a podcast

  27. My schools salsa is super sweet it's like eating liquid sugar cubes

  28. were are the fax pls pls pls pls pls pls pls say them in the next video but this one is still realy good 🙂

  29. Next time you should make your name "Narutoe"

  30. Can someone count how many time dropsy screams

  31. hi jerome im a huge fan and not that lucky when you started the things that baby pteradactyls eat are bananas

  32. 12:45 L means leap

    My grandma made a joke a few years back when one of our neighbors mailbox was crushed somehow & my grandma said “they put their gear on leap & leaped on it” lol

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