5-Player (Max 9999) Grim REAPER - Flyordie.io - bouncylandapp.com

5-Player (Max 9999) Grim REAPER – Flyordie.io

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Today we play Fly or Die
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  1. I'm appreciative at the fact they knew a mythbuster joke

  2. everybody when sponser pops up hit that skip button

  3. jrome:if a mummy was a dad would it just be a doody
    me:no it would a dudly

    hope you got the joke

  4. It’s sad I’m two years younger then dropsy

  5. Day four of asking Jerome to bring back scrap mechanic. Like so Jerome can see.

  6. I loved the part about the Canadian goose.

  7. a polar bear wouldnt bc polar bears live north pole penguins live south pole a whale def could eat a pnguin

  8. Toeby maguire from spiderman please do it

  9. Jerome should definitely call himself TicTacTOE

    For people who don’t know tic tac toe is a very popular game also known as noughts and crosses

  10. I love how for everyone else the buddies are all like noooo don't eat me then for each other it's just like oh hi you need food? Here ya go

  11. Can you do pixlemon again or any Pokémon related things please!

  12. Im just waiting for the gta mount marty every three months (i think) again

    Or actually its just one month

  13. Jerome: "Because it's last like an hour and 15 minutes"

    Me: "Well that was a lie" 😂

  14. Frogs can eat flies in one bite or lick with their tongue.

  15. My name is Jamie and I just had this in the background and then I heard JAMIE PULL UP THE VIDEO and I had a heart attack

  16. Do a challenge where you can't attack players. When you are reaper is the only acception

  17. Imagine playing fly or die I play die or fly

  18. Hey Jerome- for next time you play this you could be "ToeBeOrNotToeBe" (If names can be that long. lol) 🙂

  19. A tip for Jerome, or anyone who doesn't know, there's a spider boss in the jungle area in the tunnel between a meat shank and a bush

  20. Your helping me through my bad times I love u

  21. steve: no animals can eat a penguin in one bite
    me: PYTHONS

  22. to all the anime fans out there, i have a question, i have the choice to watch naurato, or one piece, witch do i start with?

  23. Can we get dropsy's screen recorded and displayed whenever she yells?

    Like so Jerome could see also I wanna play with you Jerome and da buddies!!

  24. this video was recorded in the future dittoe killed me like 5 seconds ago

  25. Love the stumble ttrpg reference with:
    Steve: roll a d20.
    Vale: hope you crit!

  26. Next time use the name "TOE-tum of undying"

  27. Man Dropsy’s experiences are a real rollercoaster in this one

  28. I'm here to jerome, you will never escape the randomized hunger games, speaking of randomized hunger games, plzzz

  29. I am still waiting for the day Jerome gets a VR headset and plays throw anything

  30. A saltwater crocodile definitely can a eat a penguin whole

  31. Mummy are Egyptian and have no organs plus are bandaged

  32. When I first saw Jerome play fly or die I thought it was like that one party game where if you stop you die

  33. Why not TOEster. or Toetally. or TOE of thor. zombies are just undead while mummies are undead that came back from a curse placed on someone.

  34. Dropsy:AHHHHHHH!!! I'm gonna die!
    Jerome: oh that sounds bad
    Dropsy:no I'm fine NEVERMIND I'm gonna die nope I'm fine.

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