5-Player (MAX EVOLUTION) OP Grim Reaper in FlyOrDie.io - bouncylandapp.com

5-Player (MAX EVOLUTION) OP Grim Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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Today we play 5-Player (MAX EVOLUTION) OP Grim Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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  1. They should make reapers do knockback and make dragons/phoenixes able to fire them to help make reapers a little easier to counter

  2. You can eat Pidgeon, well Rock Pidgeon anyway. South Africa guys.

  3. wait wait wait are they serious about the bananas being coco beans?!!!??!?

  4. The reason why we don't eat egg-shells in because they can give you salmonella

  5. Jerome:diamond and pearl remakes coming out November

    Me:I'm from Canada and I saw the games in my local EB Games

    Shoutout to all my Canadian friends

  6. Oh yes the yugioh dice game based on that one episode of the original series, personally never tried it because i have no friends

  7. Next episode you should name yourself doritoe

  8. Is he saying ducks taste like chicken as well bruhhh

  9. Jerome:pterotdon eating meat shanks is good
    Me:yelling at Jerome pterotdon to eat the other bosses as the pteradacktly like the aligator boss , the shark boss and the mammoth which was added in the new update and they respawn quickly

  10. I miss you playing this game bro LET'S GO 👉🏿👶🏿👈🏿

  11. MMM yes…. "how many bigfoots does it take to kill a dragon" is one of the more sane topics on jerome's side.

  12. Me and dropsy are the same we both have never got past pterodactyl I give up on the game

  13. Did you know: the penguino is the only bird in the game that is an AI! 16:11 I know you feel lol, I only made it to the mad bat. (Without eating anything because of a stupid gang of pterodactyl making me fly into a phoenix… 😒)

  14. dragons breath FIRE I’m pretty sure the dragon can kill 100 at least
    But if I would guess the amount of big feet I would say 1000 to 10000

  15. Of you klick m on youre Keyboard youre Geting MAP

  16. You know the best part of your body da bigggg toe

  17. I tribute summon 2 of my monsters to summon toe eyes toe dragon

  18. 13:45, you sure cappy wasn't talking about the 2031 comet that's going to pass up along with possibly the 2027 one?

  19. You can eat egg shells winter cooked like an excellent view just say the whole leg and just say it cooked they do it and is not hurting your teeth

  20. jerome there is a "secret" boss in the jungle. go the the little cave sorta thing with the bush next to it.(not the one with the water). there is a spider boss there

  21. jerome when u bcome the stone eater dont eat stone until your in the lava area bc of the stone eaters ability where u get 75% chance to take no damage so if a grim reaper comes along it doesnt kill u

  22. New name for another fly or die video : au-toe-matic gun

  23. Jerome “ this dumb raven is being stupid and is taking all the mat shanks” later “I’m raven and I shall steal the shanks

  24. Your next name should be I'm a toepercon so I have a pot o toes

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