5-Player (Max LEVEL) OP Grim Reaper In FlyOrDie.io - bouncylandapp.com

5-Player (Max LEVEL) OP Grim Reaper In FlyOrDie.io

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Today My BEST Friend Is The IMPOSTER In Project Winter

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  1. Jerome: " I dont think were gonna beat our record again "
    Also Jerome: Beats his record again

  2. cosmic big eye rises from water
    me : Jaws theme playing in background

  3. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    20:58 It has this clotting agent that surrounds harmful bacteria.

  4. The other reaper wanted to beat the final boss with u

  5. Jerome should make a podcast and talk about weird things while playing games for like an hour like if u agree

  6. He should have eaten the TOEranchula as the demonic imp

  7. u know it would be better to eat player u will never beat it in 30 min ha ha imangin not beating the game in 30 min

  8. Actually if you put the microchip in your head then the electric charge your brain sends out would be able to keep it working

  9. Jerome are you ever gonna go back to town of salem?

  10. Horseshoe crabs are used in a lot of medicines, and if people can call blob fish cute then these are like cute Jesus

  11. fun fact the horseshoe crab is key in the covid vaccine

  12. Jerome: “ this lobby is mean :(“

  13. The voice actor for captain underpants is the same person who plays the coach in yes day

  14. JEROME!!!! It was so perfect right when you escaped the Phoenix the mlg music played

  15. cant wait for the day they find the second spider XD

  16. Jerome: you must feel so bad about yourself
    Dropsy: becomes animatronic*

  17. Jrome a torentula is a thing it’s called the pink toe trantula

    )this is a edit but the pink areas are rubbery feeling I had one befor so I know what they feel like but they are also none aggressive and there pretty fun they tickle to)

    )another edit: but there able to jump high and run really fast(

  18. Jerome: "just tummbler things, eating mummies"
    Me: Did he just say mommies -_-

  19. Jerome theres a spider in the jungle to so…….

  20. Did anyone see the description
    "Today My BEST Friend Is The IMPOSTER In Project Winter."

  21. I like how they forget about the other spider in the rainforest at 34:13

  22. The dragon did the hart and he knows that TOErantula is u

  23. This is description: Today My BEST Friend Is The IMPOSTER In Project Winter

  24. I just scrolled for like 10min and hit a point where, I counted, I had 18 different channels go by, in organized sections, so I had 5-20 jeroemeasf videos, then minidear, then Ben, the jeromeace, each having 5-20 videos before ping to the next channel, going over youtubers I watch most often to ones I haven't seen in months, 18 TIMES ending with this video, wow, I doubt anyone will see or care about this, but I had to write it somewhere

  25. There's a spider in the middle of the map and one in the Jurassic area down one of the tunnels

  26. Omg I am in his Vid!!!! Bm BAD MAN!!

  27. A lot of people call me a leprechaun because I have orange hair and I'm Irish even though I'm not small :/

  28. JeromeAce you know that you can control it with the little arrows

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