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6-Player Max Level Reaper in FlyOrDie.io

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6-Player Max Level Reaper in FlyOrDie.io
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  1. I love this game. Please 🙏 post more

  2. No the first instance of "tell us what you're doing in the game" was stead drowning a pigeon

  3. same bday as papa bacca =) happy bday bacca day i'll enjoy it too. =) (well have enjoyed it lol)

  4. Would love to see the buddies try "Lethal Company".

  5. is it just me or is the demonic imp look like genera with a long tail and trident?

  6. I love the fly or die podcast so much.
    My hot take is that it's a top 5 game for Jerome content.
    Up there next to
    GTA and Worms

  7. Woo Kentucky 8th best BBQ lets go home state mvp

  8. As a Marylander we are the Kings and Queens to sea food.

  9. You guys have something against Montana?

  10. I feel like you guys should try “The Finals” idk if ya’ll will like it but it is super destructive and I feel Cappy would find fun in it, R6 is sweaty but slowly VERY slowly improving (I have played for the last 3 years)

  11. As someone who lives in Missouri all I can say is yes 15:08

  12. Georgian bbq smoked brisket sandwich nothing better

  13. Jerome you got most of the battlefield right but half the maps are still not destructible😢

  14. Your old when you rember the terrors of lagzila

  15. ok i need to say as someone whom is from new york screw you jerome new york has the best pizza the best coffee and the best beagles so new york for the win idc what anyone else says i will express all the copium new york ftw

  16. Kansas City MO has some good BBQ as well

  17. Jerome play the new ark survival ascended

  18. Jerome Black ops 2 remastered 2025 you gonna play some zombies?

  19. Is heroes an idea You guys should all become reapers and fight to the death in the arena

  20. oregon trail is easy to play. it is hella difficilt to beat if not impossible at times. worst part is that trully makes it hella historically accurate.

  21. As a resident of TN we are not number 2 in BBQ

  22. 27:00 Deep Rock Galactic, it's a Space Dwarves Team Shooter where you get to use cool and satisfying guns to kill a whole planetful of alien bugs so you can harvest its resources for profit. It's awesome; the devs really care about it and have put SHITLOADS of ACTUALLY GOOD FREE COSMETICS in it! All cosmetics are completely free, even a 100% Free Season System with no FOMO because old seasons' loot gets added into other in-game Loot Pools. It's not just skins either; there's lots of different free weapon Frameworks too. Customizable Pickaxes, Tons of Beautiful Beards with Beard Jiggle Physics, Very satisfying to kill enemies with tobs of unique types too, from an armor plated rolly poly the size of a mini cooper to a Dwarf-Sized Robber Fly to heavily armored behemoths that can slam the ground and have an abdomen Weakspot. Very fun to fire guns, and a whole planetload of Gold and Riches to mine and harvest. 8 unique and cool mission types, from Oil Pipeline Construction to Corporatw Sabotage, 4 classes with unique and varied Interdependant yet Independant playstyles that work off each other, and even a button to cheer your teammates with a "ROCK AND STONE!" It's a great game with a loving community that The Buddies would have a BLAST with, literally and metaphorically, so I KNOW Cappy's On Board.

  23. 27:00 Dragon's Dogma 2 is coming out this spring, a cool mideival fantasy combat game's sequal

  24. Jerome should play lethal company with the gang, seeing their reactions to the world is a new life goal for me. maybe use more company mod to play with more than 4

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