ADLEY helps ultrasound BABY BROTHER!! visiting Mom at her hospital job! Best Day Ever family cartoon -

ADLEY helps ultrasound BABY BROTHER!! visiting Mom at her hospital job! Best Day Ever family cartoon

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our FiRST fun Best Day Ever video re-imagined by Spacestation Animation 🐒

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This is the first Shonduras (Best Day Every) video that we have every re-imagined as a Family Cartoon! it’s from a video called “World’s first cereal baby” and it all started with some big bowls of cereal… Adley wanted froot froops and Dad had cats berries! They had to eat good to get lots of energy to go see Adley’s new baby brother Niko for the very first time! See, this is a Best Day Ever was from a long time ago when Niko wasn’t even born yet! So after Adley and Dad finished their cereal, they put their shoes on and left to go meet Mom at her job at the hospital. Then they used a big machine to scan Adley’s belly and look at all that cereal she ate! Then mom got in the doctors chair and they scanned her belly to see baby Niko for the first time ever and he looked SO CUTE! he even gave a tiny thumbs up to show that he was doing great!
We’ve been so excited to re-imagine a Best Day Ever video, and we are want to turn even more video’s into cartoons, even some G for Gaming videos too! So stay tuned and subscribe to make sure you never miss our new videos!

The Best Day Ever video used to make this animation – WORLD’S FIRST CEREAL BABY

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  1. Hey I'm your biggest fan You guys are the best You guys are the best videos you guys make the best videos Love you guys A. for adley Mackenzie🗺🎫🎖🎊🎉And Shawn and baby adley looks so cute

  2. The wrap at the end is so adorable❤😊😅

  3. And at the first of the video when Atlee is eating cereal, I love how cute she looks as a cartoon baby❤❤😊😊😅😊😅❤

  4. I loved it so much it was so cute I love you so so much

  5. She is so sweet she is so cute I love you so much baby adley and I love you very much and hi

  6. Omg you also had that cute song ❤

  7. When Adley said I want fruit loops that was so cute and also when she sang the song and she uh that was so cute

  8. The song is so sad but I love it 🥹🥹🥹🥹

  9. I love the song. It was a good one.

  10. Can you make cartoons of when all the kids were born and when and when they have their birthdays because in more of Olive and Koopa, they’re so cute as cartoons

  11. I love your videos and when are you guys making another space station animation video😊

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