All Animals Evolution After Level 37 And Low Exp Food Challenge ( -

All Animals Evolution After Level 37 And Low Exp Food Challenge (

Blue Sky
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This is a ( Game Play Video… Enjoy
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  1. I wish I could reach lever 37 like you😮

  2. I’m assuming you accidentally ate the frog instead of the fish as the pelican or I just don’t understand this challenge

  3. That pumpkin reaper at the start was a fan, and the eagle, too but the pumpkin reaper didn't let him get close to you, toxic fan.

  4. bananer is a bananaer not a banana so make me a bananaa not a banannananaa

  5. Congrats also I see you in game (I'm PONGLOL(BS FAN))

  6. я русская, люблю тебя ммотреть но не успеваю(…видео топ!!

  7. Congratulations level 37! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 u pro!

  8. sky Can u join in asia 2 bc i want in the vids like my sister AppleJuiceTime in the game Pls And congratulation for your level up wish your luck!

  9. bro Nazar puts so much effort in his vids and got banned and you don't even do the challange and get every skin for free from Pixel Voices thats just not right…

  10. How long have you been playing level 37 whaaa i have been playing for 1 year and im barely level 14 lol

  11. Hey! Bluey~🩶 BRO!
    It's so amazing!!
    Congrats to 37LvL!!🫏🎉🎉🫧

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