All Animals Evolution in ( New -

All Animals Evolution in ( New

Blue Sky
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This is a ( Game Play Video… Enjoy
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  1. I suscribed bcs u played mope, now u no play, but i will continúe suporting u for all mope vid that u did ;( , R.I.P mope in this channel

  2. Wow, he is cheating…. Has a team of death reapers helping him survive.

  3. hoi my name is forget im here i see you before my new name is forget im here [BS]

  4. Today you ate me up. I was a nice little snowy owl, minding my own business, and you came as a dragon and gobbled me up🙁.

  5. Your the most intelligent 🧠 Gamer I've ever seen before

  6. The greatest player ever!!! 😻😻😻

  7. I once was a dragon minding my own business, then a stupid ghostly reaper came and cornered me to death

  8. Note! There’s only bubble chat and emotes, that copied Animal Jam (I played it)

  9. If i was you i would litarally play this game forever and not playing my 1st fav game XD

  10. Oh that’s you you were bullying me today when you were swamp monster

  11. oi eu tentei ser seu amigo se lembra LA MORTE

  12. it's really beneficial to have fans as they'll help you all the way through!

  13. I spamed eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that much that my tab frez like ice and crunch/crashed lol

  14. so i will don't play this game for one year

  15. when you stop in this game the level Dont comes back

  16. very very annoying 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  17. always getting killed by phoenix's and more

  18. Blue sky: sends cry emoji
    Other player: nvm ill just kill anyone else

  19. Bro yesterday gobbled me up not once but twice as a dragon if I add Bs please do not kill me

  20. I spend 3 hours on that game to get to the raven and it take them 14 min.

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