All Animals Evolution With Low Level to High Level ID ( Ninja Reaper -

All Animals Evolution With Low Level to High Level ID ( Ninja Reaper

Blue Sky
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This is a ( Game Play Video… Enjoy
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  1. Las travesuras de rexi y sus amigos🙃 says:

    Am level 10😢

  2. Good vid! Before 2 days I reached reaper for the first time and thanks to you!, you helped me a lot with this game and I defeated some ghostly reaper too lol btw thank you so much!

  3. You are the best every day I watch your videos old and new!

  4. У мине скоро будет 10 уравен я играю 2 года

  5. You are a noob because i got 44 levels😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. noooooo i am still NOT in the same game as you i play in poki

  7. Still inspiring as ever ❤ love ur work bro, also have you considered making a discord? I would love to join and talk 😅

  8. Hey blue sky I love ur videos! You gave me so many tips and tricks in this game!

  9. Easter diamond No You have already received all gems from this event.

  10. Bruh can u show us ur promo boost cause I’m level 14 and still have to eat 3-4 jungle fruit, my boost is 220%

  11. everything is so easy for you it’s not hard to guess you just didn’t eat take the crystal every bi tried to take the asoba si crystal at such a level as the video(I hope the translator is not stupid and the translation is correct)

  12. 28:49 "Team 3 name's you can also invite above" always….

  13. name 1 solo sneaker 4 – 7 Zan's Lv29 (12/4)

  14. Hi sky(*BS*) my name is Sky (*BS*)SL level 19 you my friend I'm you YouTube Subscribed

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