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Amazon Echo | Fly or Die

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The Amazon Echo is finally open to the general public after it was initially released very limited to Prime members. A voice activated AI assistant and Prime Music speaker, it aims to gain adoption in countless homes of families or young singles. Will Jordan and Fitz think this sort of device will fit in the connected home?

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  1. Personality may be lacking but I bet she has sexy feet

  2. Ill be surprised if this turns out to be popular

  3. Tech crunch makes a whole video just on the echo… it doesn't even work more than half the times they try it in the video and they still give it two thumbs up??!  Handled much?

  4. George Orwell was right people in the future are fuckin stupid

  5. I used a paperclip to reset my Amazon Echo last week.but I insert it from the top of the echo (the middle one) and I didn't realise that was the Microphone.
    Is that going to damage the Mic? should I be worried? please let me know 

  6. Of course Alexa is not answering because you are not giving her the chance to respond when you say the key word. Give her a break to listen what you are saying. Its not her failing to answer its you asking her wrong.

  7. i see no use for this when you have siri.

  8. It's 95% accurate for me and I've had mine for a month now. I noticed you guys say her name and immediatley give a command. You're supposed to say her name wait until her light ring lights up then ask the question. That small pause makes the difference and should definately improve your accuracy.

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