Attempting To Speedrun Is Not Smart! -

Attempting To Speedrun Is Not Smart!

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Today we play

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Music by monstercatToday we play Town Of Salem

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Music by monstercat

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  1. أنا في Livle34😃😃😃😌😌😏😅😅

  2. 34:00 oof died by a reaper that sticked on to him and got a lucky kill

  3. Hey Steve, can you tell Jerome to do battledome with u, vale, blade, dropsy, and Jerome.
    I hope ur day is going great

  4. Me : loads up the video
    Me : looks at the views and likes
    "No Views 2 Likes"

  5. Hey Steve love your vids also love this game good work probably the fastest speed run I seen

  6. Hey Steve hope you have a great day or night and keep up the good work with the youtube videos and I love

  7. Best way to speed run is not to speed run to the end, but speed run to see who dies first 😉 lol

  8. I love how your cat would scream when she didn’t get enough attention 😂😂. Another great video Steve!

  9. Steve, you guys should just do like gta online and not game modes and mess around like you guys used to with Ben and tewtiy but instead with then new gang bc I find that would be fun to watch.

  10. Hey Steve I’m a huge fan of you guys keep up the good work please if you can ask Jerome when he can start posting his streams onto Jerome live

  11. Flappy Bird was the most rage inducing game that I have ever played.

  12. That cat reminds me of a cat that my family has that is black and she is really cute and does the same thing that your cat is doing

  13. I have an idea for a video but don't know how to join the discord.

  14. They are called cosmic insects and cosmic eggs

  15. Can you change your name from “mynameisjeff” to “mynameislibby!”

  16. Hey Steve do a video in which you troll
    Jerome and the other guys

  17. Steven I call the meat shanks dino meat.

  18. I tried speed running this game and it took me 1 hour 34 minutes to make it from fly to grim reaper

  19. I love fly or die it's my faviroute game and when you play it I love it

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