Behind the Scenes with Richard Torrez Jr 🥊 | The Gentleman Boxer Full Episode -

Behind the Scenes with Richard Torrez Jr 🥊 | The Gentleman Boxer Full Episode

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Go behind the scenes with 2020 Olympic silver medalist Richard Torrez Jr as he gears up for Torrez vs Jake Jr on August 12th.



  1. Gonna enjoy watching Richard’s career moving forward, seems like a really down to earth kind of guy . Get it Kiki !

  2. Imma be honest I flat out love this fella!! He's so humble and he's just so quiet, he's not a loud mouth nor does he likes to show off in the ring!! Richard I hope to see you one day become a world Heavyweight champion!!! Stay humble my guy!!! And keep on flying to the big stage!!! And all the Mexicans and Latinos will love you and see you as the gentle giant!!!

  3. Met Richard yesterday at the Jose Ramirez fight at SaveMart in Fresno. If he somehow sees this i was the asian dude wearing a bears jacket. Dude is a world class guy and was taking pictures with every fan for like 30mins straight, seemed like he didnt know how to say no (thats a good thing). CAN FINALLY SAY I MET ONE OF MY IDOLS

  4. Anybody getting tommy morrison vibes from my dude?

  5. Oh mi dios, no quiero ver ese rostro destrozado y quebrado por los golpes, pero si ese es su destino que lo cumpla dela nejor manera, ali, tambien era bello, bello e inteligente y una especie irrepetible de swouman y hombre de ideas y chistoso y un boxeador de talento irrepetible, hacia el fin de sus dias costaba reconocelo, no podia hablar, no podia moverse pero su imagen fue tan grande, que sobrepasaba ese estado, que hombre, que boxer, que personalidad, no volveremos a ver uno como el

  6. Super nice guy. Wish him the best in the future 👊👊😊😊

  7. Yooo Richard, thanks for being a good dude to look up to. …it's gonna be great to see you knock Jalolov out in the future, i can see it!

  8. Cool dude I'm going to enjoy following his career.

  9. Jalolov kotini yirtadi xunasa amerikalik iy kunkaboyev xam

  10. I ref many of his amateur fights.Always an outstanding boxer and person.

  11. No pun etc: what had happen wazzz… A guy by the name superman would prollv watch as id run from no pun etc koreatown to the wildcard boxing gym and knowing thatd id prolly get fatigued id run side to side like i was skipping no pun intended which most thought i was dancing

  12. How can you not be pulling for this guy. So humble and a true class act in this day of sports divas.

  13. This guy to me, feels like he's got future champion potential.

  14. His looks are deceptive, but his habits and lifestyle goes way beyond boxing which tells that he's intelligent enough or even better. Not sure how he will do in bigger boxing organizations against seasoned boxers with lack of solid defense.

  15. Is it me or does this guy look like one of the Jonas Brothers…

  16. Dudes a class act. I can’t wait to see him with a few belts in a few years

  17. Count me as a fan. Hope he goes all the way.

  18. Hands down one of my favorite fighters. I'm from San Jose so I consider him local…. Central Valley my pops lives in Fresno & Sisters in Clovis & Merced. Richard Torrez Jr is an amazing guy, love his attitude and the hunger he shows in his craft. Dude is so humble….my favorite Heavy Weight for sure💯


  20. Jalolov Torrez Rematch at Top Rank

  21. And hey did stay undefeated, while always looking for the fight.

  22. Being the bad guy could be a good thing people paid, hoping you will get beat.

  23. He's got that ferocious style, come forward brawler, all out attack. Great to watch. Seems to be a thoroughly nice fellow out of the ring too. I hope he keeps on keeping on.

  24. The Jalolov knockout in the amateurs was frightening. Good to see he’s still boxing and working on his craft.

  25. Breath of fresh air to the division . I like watching him fight . Top Rank have signed a true gem 👍

  26. chris eubank has entered the chat…dìiiispicable

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