Behind the Smoke: Croatia | ALL THE SMOKE FULL EPISODE | SHOWTIME Basketball -

Behind the Smoke: Croatia | ALL THE SMOKE FULL EPISODE | SHOWTIME Basketball

SHOWTIME Basketball
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All The Smoke is now international! Join Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson in Croatia for a special behind-the-scenes episode. Matt and Stak attended the Sunset Sports Media Festival in Zadar Croatia, interviewed former NBA player and Croatian-born Damjan Rudež, spoke on ATS approaching 200 episodes, reflections, favorite episodes, and more. From the coastline views to candid conversations, get a fascinating fly-on-the-wall glimpse into All The Smoke’s global expansion.

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  1. What a GREAT episode. Fantastic show! Best Podcast out

  2. I’m out the hood in Alaska, I be sayin wat up doe to nature too Stack!! 😂

  3. ngl these Croatian homies ask some good ass questions lol

  4. Thanks for sharing that with us 💯👌🏿

  5. Had to watch Drazen drop 40 on Steve Kerr, and Mark Price….Lol…Top 5 point scoring point guard

  6. You guy’s podcast is dope and y’all dope in person too🙏🏾

  7. The crowd is very educated, great questions.

  8. Damn them kids said "Fuck Lebron" 😂😂😂

  9. I'm absolutely taking the bus to chill n smoke and take in the views instead of that small lil plane.

  10. Great show, this episode knocked everybody out of the water. Nobody does it better then ATS❤

  11. I thought Stack converted? No biggie just wondered what he was doing smokin' that blunt.

  12. Cant bring bullet holes in my hat into existance kool look but dawg i cant what kinda bs would it be to get shot while wear bullet holes. Sorry great show that hat looks nice and stood out to me but naw i aint rocking bullet holes im too paranoid for that

  13. LOOOOVVVEEEEE that there are no lebingbong fans, any time the world can shove the truth in the face of american sports media is a good freaking time

  14. Great episode guys you are on fire🔥🔥🔥

  15. Hating ass croatians lol. LeBron don’t give af about ya’ll neither im sure.

  16. It will be mad if one of them kids years later makes the nba cause Jack and Matt came to Croatia

  17. Very beautiful place ATS doing it big 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 it is it's in my list of places to visit just awaiting my bae wherever he's at for us to find each other to go. It's so gorgeous there

  18. Nigga talking bout “ow rusty” 😂 glad y’all tossed that in there

  19. 22:30 I'm sorry Jack, although I love All the Smoke, I think the Knuckleheads started all this podcast space. I've been following podcasts for a long time, and they were the first. They been around before all other pods came. They just kinda fell off since these new pods came in, but they started it for sure.

  20. Gucci mane and the 44th president would be dope….. i would to here the convos

  21. Man I love Stephen Jack! He reminds me of myself if I was on that cruise ship 😅 enjoying the billy goats and all the landscape ! Not to mention that good tree ! He seems truly genuine in his reactions. Still amazed by it all, right on!

  22. This was needed like a black man needs a strong black woman ! Salute my brothas

  23. Stack such a nigga. High socks on the boat kicking his feet😂😂 I'm 30 and JUST got comfortable having my feet out like that on boats and beaches lmaoooo

  24. How does Croatia feel about black athletes do they throw bananas on the court like they do at the soccer stadiums in ,& around Europe? I'm just asking for a friend .. but it looks absolutely beautiful.

  25. God bless those guys. Love to see the progress.

  26. Are Jordan and/or Lebron in the upcoming lineup?

  27. i've been waiting for this episode since IG posts that you were in my country… great episode… come back again and spread the word about beauty and food of Croatia

  28. Why do people always go out of their way to try to shit on or have a negative condensation about LeBron.

    Why not ask foreign kids if their favorite player is Jokic, Dirk, Pau, Manu, Giannis, or Luka or just accept the answer names they give and not the why not or what about this guy

  29. yoooooo wtf?! 😄
    btw be careful, weed is very much illegal in Croatia

  30. welcome to Croatia fellas! 🙌🏻🇭🇷

  31. These guys are so genuine. That’s why their podcast and platform has grown so much

  32. All the smoke is my #1. I got KG certified and My expert opinion following it up. My Big 3. Salute to all my Kings!

  33. 👑👑 two kings go abroad 🙌🙌 keep it up, gentlemen!

  34. I remember Split Croatia when I served…what a time I had

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