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Best Royal Hogs Deck in Clash Royale | SirTagCR – Clash Royale
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This clash royale royal hogs deck is the best royal hogs deck clash royale has! Currently, evolved barbarians have bolstered their strength, amplifying their clash royale fireball bait deck synergy. Now this fireball bait deck clash royale has royal hogs, flying machines, zappies, and an evolved barbarians deck win condition! It’s got a more efficient cycle with heal spirit to keep the barbarians evolution, zappies, and clash royale royal hogs alive longer and get back to them faster! This fireball bait clash royale deck is the clash royale best deck that almost all pro clash royale royal hogs players have gravitated towards. Since this clash royale best royal hogs deck has topped the ranks, it’s a phenomenal deck to learn and upgrade if you want to improve your own clash royale gameplay. In this cr vid, I give tons of clash royale strategic tips, and I know you’ll enjoy clash royale more once you learn how to play fireball bait deck from this video!

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Make sure to subscribe to my channel for daily clash royale content, where I showcase the clash royale best deck for each metagame. I mostly will play miner poison decks, control decks, and decks with any clash royale new cards that are released. The miner is my favorite clash royale legendary card, and I will typically play clash royale miner control decks the most. The decks I play are great for clash royale 12 win grand challenges, clash royale trophy pushing on ladder, and for clash royale tournaments and clan wars. I hope you guys enjoy my pro tips and tricks and my beginner tips and tricks, and I’ll see you in the arena!

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  1. Royal Recruits😢 I still use ur older "main deck w mighty miner"

  2. I’m giving away my Clash Royale account, I just don’t play as much anymore. Let me know if you want the account.

  3. I love your videos so much man, only positive vibes here! been playing this deck for a few days already and it’s great. also against evo royal giant and so on

  4. You said there is either first or last in clash. I had a draw recently where me and my opponent took each other's tower at the same exact time. Crazy game.

  5. Day 372 of asking for lava hound graveyard clone

  6. your vids are so entertaining… keep doing what u r doing man i love u bro

  7. Bro you are constantly putting out content..I may not watch every video but I respect you bc your content is better than Mohammed Light (did i just say that?!! I did)

    You are the best youtuber next to only "The Boss"

    (B)rad is cool bc he speaks the truth and that makes him a G

    You put out more content and you're a genuine nice guy and for that you get #1

  8. Tag: It'll just get greeted by a brick wall every time
    also Tag: Wins that game with 81 damage left on a princess tower lol. that was funny.

  9. Hey tag been watching ur vids for a view years now lol
    do u think u can play 2.6 hog cycle against eveloutions

  10. You made me believe in barbarians again 😂❤

  11. Will you be doing a new best 7x elixir deck?

  12. Hey Jake! Do you think you could try my deck for trash or treasure?!

    Hog rider
    Ice spirit

  13. No 7x event video today? You have to try the 3 crown blitz deck (rocket, fireball, poison, miner, drill, lightning, egolem, mirror)

  14. Royal hogs are such a bad card for 5 elixir. Everyone be running some sort of splash (troops included). This deck only good when it has swarms as you won’t know when to use your spell or area damaging troop

  15. Is it possible for you to correct my deck, I'm stuck in 6000 trophies. My deck: Hunter( defend pushing like lumberjack balloon for positive elixir trade), magic archer and ram rider (for tower demage) log, snowball, inferno tower, prince and lastly Electro spirit ( for supporting inferno tower). Thank you SirTag

  16. Suss moment 11:52 ……… from dominating to close win…….. 😛

  17. 15:40 has to go down as one of CR's BEST Board States
    It looked like a battlefield!

  18. There’s nothing better than to beat a toxic BMer even when you were losing at the beginning. Way to clutch up and assert dominance! ❤

  19. Makes me sad that even people all the way up in ultimate champion are playing elixir golem

  20. I love your content so much. It’s always so positive and entertaining, and you have some awesome editing.

  21. casually throws RKelly in the video ?? 💀 WTF

  22. Yo you got some baggy eyes in this vid, make sure you getting your rest homie dont burn yourself out.

  23. Cool video, I really like your content because it's so enjoyable

  24. Hello SirTag I hope you Read my small message it's me your subsciber since January. I've been playing clash royale since January, first time I saw your video, I think I found the right person to present a video about clash royale. However, it's actually a trivial thing. What I like the most when I watch your video is that it brings positive vibes to me as a viewer, I am very happy to wait for your video every 3 am. Every time I wake up from sleep, it simply makes me happy when I hear all about you.

    and sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday, I found out about your birthday 1 week after I subscribed to your channel.

  25. SirTag have you ever considered making a fundraiser campaign to donate the money to an organisation that helps people or the environment? You do seem like a person who would like doing good to the world.

  26. Never mind
    Maybe Abe don't know who is sir tag 😎

  27. SirTag, I love how you managed to beat a toxic deck controlled by an even toxic person, its a shame since I lose to the people that spam emotes even when I mute them. I can't seem to get out of Arena 14 because of people playing Mega Knight all the time, it's so frustrating.

  28. Hey sir tag huge fan I have like 1640 medals in ultimate champion can you kick some one I really want to join this clan please 😅 ?

  29. When evo elite barb or mk coming? I saved my shards for it

  30. I thought you were a chick when i first opened the video my bad brah. By the way i beat you in 7x elixer this morning ❤️

  31. Im think Ive found my new main deck! Kinda just need a replacement for zappies and heal spirit… anything? (And yes im THAT low on ladder)

  32. Hey sirtag for trash or treasure play this please: Mighty miner, miner, balloon, zap, tombstone, evo firecracker, goblins, skelly dragons

  33. Nerf the Royale giant, drill deck it’s insane right now😢

  34. Stopped ~2 years ago and now royal hogs are the best deck 😂🙈


  36. Always love seeing your update videos your vids are so entertaining

  37. The last guy deserves that loss you gave him well played and good job jake

  38. What do you think about this deck: evolved mortar, mega knight, barrel, prinses, coblin group (Idk the name), valk, log, fire ball

  39. Whats up sir tag greetings from spain. And thanks for greeting my friend @Disnu i enjoyed it a lot

  40. Are the barbs better than fire cracker in your mind?

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