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Best Royal Hogs Deck in Clash Royale | SirTagCR – Clash Royale
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This clash royale royal hogs deck is the best royal hogs deck clash royale has! Currently, evolved barbarians have bolstered their strength, amplifying their clash royale fireball bait deck synergy. Now this fireball bait deck clash royale has royal hogs, flying machines, zappies, and an evolved barbarians deck win condition! It’s got a more efficient cycle with heal spirit to keep the barbarians evolution, zappies, and clash royale royal hogs alive longer and get back to them faster! This fireball bait clash royale deck is the clash royale best deck that almost all pro clash royale royal hogs players have gravitated towards. Since this clash royale best royal hogs deck has topped the ranks, it’s a phenomenal deck to learn and upgrade if you want to improve your own clash royale gameplay. In this cr vid, I give tons of clash royale strategic tips, and I know you’ll enjoy clash royale more once you learn how to play fireball bait deck from this video!

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  1. Only real ones know royal hogs has been jakes favorite deck

  2. The one against e golem was kinda close still 😂

  3. 2:21 I love uu but bro.. what is that ❤w vid I think ur girlfriend is so lucky having you ❤❤keep it up in the last week u can really notice the edit efforts 👌🏿 😊

  4. Would you like to play my deck, is a very special one,
    Evolved Royale Giant, E-Barbs, Archer queen, Goblins, E-Spirit, log, fireball, Hog Rider
    If anyone want to try my deck, please write your opinion on it

  5. Royal hogs have also been my favourite card, so much fun and effective to play, and Sir tag, your clash royale videos are easily the best! If you don't have evolved barbarians, would you go back to royal recruits or what would you do?

  6. fireball bait has always been one of my favorite deck types glad to see one involving evolution! W Tag

  7. I'm looking to join a good clan. I'm a daily and team player.

  8. Good video went up against this team and just quit the game 😭

  9. You should use a deck similar to that in trash or treasure except use barbarians, royal recruits, graveyard, baby dragon, skeleton king, mirror, snowball, bandit

  10. Royal recruits royal hogs deck with no royal recruits?😂 sounds fun!

  11. royal hogs be goated ngl, just like your content 💪I like how you handled that toxic person

  12. Ur videos are sooo crazy good cuttet👍🏻👍🏻❤

  13. I hate the fact that heal spirt is a fucking rare card, i want to have in my evo barbarian deck but is so hard to lvl up rare cards

  14. The Royal pigs have always been one of my favorite card. They’re so adorable but could do so much damage on the tower

  15. Hey tag , i been trying to find a deck that works with skelton king and skeleton giant. i can’t seem to find anything. Can you help? I’d appreciate it alot .

  16. Bro dude ești prea tare sincer îți zic deci mai postează te rog prea tare

  17. hey sirtag! i love your videos and watch them everyday. I want to play a royal hogs deck but with a faster cycle, and once i get archer queen I will start playing RHogs AQ 2.9 Cycle. Is that deck still good in the current meta? Thanks and much love from georgia!! ❤❤

  18. Love your content! I watch almost every day i dont even play clash anymore lol

  19. Fireball bait alongside evolved Barbarians truly makes it feel like an unbreakable defense

  20. Hi Tag I was wondering if you remember me? I have been a fan of you for like 3 years now, and have been commenting positive comments on nearly every video you made. If you don’t remember me it’s completely fine I know you have a bunch of fans 🙂

  21. Hello sir tag i m french and i dont understand everything you said in your videos but i don t need that to feel the huge positive energy you give in ! So thanks a lot for your pleasant work and you have all my love from France ❤💪

  22. Sir Tag srsly my love for you is beyond extreme. Never stop this daily content and always stay how you are. I love you

  23. I’m currently having loads of fun with royal hogs, cannon cart, goblins, goblin barrel, ice spirit, hurricane, snowball and bomb tower. Definitely has some rougher match ups but it’s my favourite hog deck I’ve come up with so far

  24. That bmer in the last game got what he deserved 😂

  25. 8:10 im sorry, tennis ball? 🤣 nonetheless, W deck build and crushing opponents

  26. Hey tag! I wanted to know what evolution u want to see or think will come. When do you think they will do rare cards because I want the Mini Pekka evolution!

  27. Guys and SirTag, any ideas which 5 cards i should use with Royal Giant, Prince and Dark Prince?

  28. Fact: Sirtag once pissed off Surgical Goblin in a 1v1

  29. A month ago: SC is ruining the game. We're gonna be mad and quit if you don't undo lvl15!!!
    Now: Take my money SC please!!!
    Stockholm syndrome much. So glad i quit playing. So many slaves to SC. Youtubers most of all.

  30. Im a little late but still got another vid on my break

  31. Well played SirJake
    As always best cr content with your skills personality and high-quality videos and memes haha

  32. Hey tag! I recently made it to arena 18 and i dont have very high level cards, do you have any tips to get me out of it? Also i dont have evolution firecracker

  33. Amazing vid Tag. I think something that hasn't been addressed which I think most people would also appreciate is the lack of evo RG and especially evo firecracker decks. It's great that your videos are countering the meta instead of joining them considering how much of the two evo cards most people see.

  34. great video! i hope heal spirit gets a small duration buff in some coming balance patch

  35. Sirtag stop giving mid ladder ideas 😡😡😢

  36. Great deck for the 2% of people who have evolved barbarians. smh

  37. Have not even watched the video but i know this deck is going to fire

  38. which deck is worth upgrade
    and with which main card

  39. TAG
    I forgot how many times Ive asked you to play my deck in your next Trash or Treasure, but WILL YOU PLEASE PLAY MY DECK!?
    Giant Skele, Giant Goblin, Cannon Cart, Mega Minion, Archers, Skeles, Arrows and Zap

  40. Hi Sir Tag, I recently came back to the game and was wondering what evolution card i should go for first as well as what legendary i should focus on other than log. Any advice would be appreciated thanks

  41. There is nothing more satisfying than asserting dominance against a dirty BMer.

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