Blood and Dust | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 33 -

Blood and Dust | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 33

Critical Role
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Surrounded by chaos, Bells Hells act quickly to secure their quarry, but their attempted escape leads to an unexpected confrontation with a deadly foe…

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  1. If, after this, one of the surviving characters somehow ends up lugging an enormous melee ultra-weapon around; I think we'll therefore be fairly certain where the inspiration for this episode came from… 😈

  2. We went from 1 death in C1 to multiple deaths in C3… Third time's the charm for Matt Mercer 👀🤯👀🤯

  3. Not to be that guy but Laudna should have been able to use strength of the grave since it failed the first time. Once the save succeeds it can't be used again until a long rest.

  4. Before I watched this episode I saw a news article that said "critical role has it's most intense episode yet" and boy we're they right

  5. I think this is the last time I watch Critical Role. I LOVE the players, and I get why folks are loyal to Matt but this episode is terrible and the reason I left table top gaming a decade ago.. . . I hate this.

  6. Question here from someone who doesn’t know the rules very well… At around 3:25:10 Matt states he is using his last legendary action, but he then uses a couple more to dash later in the fight? What am I missing there?

  7. I started this episode with a certain amount of dread thanks to YouTube. There was a video in my recommended list that was posted by a DM advice channel just after this episode originally aired. It was titled something like, "Matt Mercer kills his player characters and so should you."

  8. Otohan wanted to talk. They panicked. I pity them, but also LMAO, partially from nervousness.

  9. Not gonna lie, seeing them frantically read their abilities and pausing for a while actually made me feel better about me doing it. My D&D group has never made me feel bad for it, but I always feel bad for seemingly wasting their time.

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  13. Laudna inspired an entire organization built around Undead warlock/sorc badasses.

  14. WHY ON EARTH NOBODY ASKED WHAT SHE WANTED?! Nor took Treshi out?!?! Or yelled at the other chick who was after Treshi?! FFS

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  18. The cast is so focused on role play and characterization that they kind of suck at combat lol

  19. I bought the Bells Hells official poster last week. It hasn't even arrived yet and half the characters are already dead.

  20. LoL at Uber nerds losing their minds over it, nice one Matt!!

  21. I’m just gonna send a link to this episode to anyone who ever accuses Matt of being too nice to the party again.

  22. What are the chances that Liam actually makes a non-depressing character that doesn't make fun of the gay community? 🤔

  23. Loved this episode!!! I normally love Sam's lack of attention, as it makes for some interesting decisions, however I got a teeny bit annoyed with him tonight. In saying that, he was a cat 🤣

  24. I love Fearne, Laudna and Orym way too much to handle if they just permanently die rn… like no, especially Fearne and Laudna are my absolutely favourite characters probably ever made, pls don't do this to me. x.x

  25. No! NO! fucking hell, that can't be the episode on which I catch up to c3. IT CAN'T BE THIS CLIFFHANGER

  26. Can't wait to see what great things and successes await the BH in this episode totally unaware of what's going to happen as I totally wasn't spoiled by this one blabbermouth

  27. Honestly, artana vs otohan would have been an incredible duel

  28. Good News: After starting all the way back on Campaign 1 during quarantine, I am caught up on Critical Role.
    Bad News: I am caught up on Critical Role.

  29. So what did Matt think might happen? They did not have a chance at all with the multi-attacks and the map mobility of this enemy. Curious what lead to this. Was the power scaling off? Was the intention to have the hells drop like flies? I'm so conflicted.

    Edit: I don't dislike Matt for pulling out a TPK boss. I'm just really confused what the point of this battle was. Why did it happen? What were the story beats leading to this? Was it supposed to be devastating?

  30. Backseat gaming is really easy, i know, but it,'s fun to put yourself into these scenarios.
    I would have played it like this: give the hole to artana, tell her she can have the bounty on treshi but to let eshteross know and and give him the hole when she is done, and let her go with her exit plan alone. Then i would have helped the Call with repelling the attack, doing normal guard duty and gain their trust even more.

  31. H-hey catch up crew.

    I caught up.

    Yaaaay. 🎉😢🎉😢🎉😢🎉

  32. Matt really did say kill your gays in this episode

  33. Matt: Takes off his bracelets

    Travis: “His power has weakened.”

    Matt: "I've given thee courtesy enough."

  34. Why is Sam’s cat voice just Michael Kramer’s voice for Melaan in mistborn

  35. Matt really rocking that "gonna kill that dog" energy

  36. Matt has the most devilish smirk at the end I love it❤

  37. After Dorian leaving, I guess it’s time for the waterworks again with Fearne and Orym now dead 😭

  38. Sam was so wrong for that cat impressions… stop stigmatizing the babies!

  39. I think Mercer said "last legendary action" twice…

  40. If Sam's next character isn't a cat- imma be upset lol

  41. I finally catches up to date with the show and what an episode to do that on!!

  42. "Yeah, Matt? Can I Looney Tunes this? I'mm just throw the hole under their feet and hope they fall into it!" 😀

  43. HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing

    0:15 Sam is a cat

    3:20 Laura’s merch corner

    8:10 Intro cinematic


    13:10 Recap Ends

    15:10 Team splits (Outside Team)

    17:45 Scared to heal

    27:00 Mister helps (pass)

    30:45 Team Treshi

    32:40 Quick trap check (falling down an ‘up’ escalator)

    47:10 The lock recognizes the alpha

    48:15 Howling at the lock

    49:45 Treshi recognizes the alpha

    52:05 Back to the Outside Team

    59:35 FCG can be a car, not drive one

    1:03:05 Get in, we’re escaping

    1:06:35 Laudna and Otahan

    1:12:20 Back to Team Treshi

    1:16:45 We’re the Bells Hells, we’re not with you, you’re with us

    1:18:20 Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal

    1:30:20 Fearne opens the door

    1:36:05 Otohan

    1:40:30 BREAK STARTS

    1:48:45 Art Montage

    1:50:45 BREAK ENDS

    2:02:15 Map out

    2:05:30 Battle begins

    2:08:05 Ashton down

    2:11:55 Apologies

    2:14:05 Chetney transforms

    2:18:30 Imogen escapes into the house

    2:29:05 Orym is out (Ashton out again)

    2:33:25 Fearne is out (Mister’s revenge)

    2:37:25 Sam will do an ad read while everyone dies

    2:42:20 FCG has to choose who he likes more

    2:47:25 Laudna goes down

    2:50:05 Dorian Ex Machina

    2:55:15 Chetney does not want to be left out

    3:05:05 Laudna’s clutch 20

    3:13:40 Orym’s final moment

    3:18:40 Fearne down again

    3:20:35 Careless whispers

    3:25:10 Dropping Treshi

    3:26:05 Messaging Otohan

    3:29:40 Everyone is just staring at each other

    3:32:00 Fearne’s last words

    3:33:15 Chetney down

    3:35:10 Imogen fights the storm

    3:40:45 Wood shop’s closed

    3:42:30 What would we do without Chetney (giving in)

    3:44:10 Is she your favorite?

    3:49:10 Dropping Laudna

    3:52:50 Giving in

    3:55:55 Episode Ends

    The in-game start date for the episode was the 18th of Sydenstar in the year 843. Samuel Brent’s gas has a card that says “I’m Wheelie Sorry” with a picture of a unicycle, and then opens to reveal:“… for murdering your friends”

    I mean, that was a lot. Gonna be an interesting episode next week.

    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

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