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This was the Top 1 Extreme Demon when I first started playing Geometry Dash, so to actually beat this level myself is an amazing feeling. I am so grateful for everyone who watched the streams and for everyone who will watch this video. You guys are amazing, I am genuinely so happy with my life and I hope I can bring that happiness to you guys too. 💚

Bloodbath by Riot & More
Attempts: 18,237
Difficulty: Extreme Demon
Enjoyment: 10/10

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  1. In vid: polite gentleman In stream: tweaking

  2. 5:19 Blud was Imagining Swimming in Blood cuz its bloodbath you know hehehe

  3. Nice u r better than all gd players 😅😅😅😅😅

  4. Well i beat blood bath I'm just 10 years old boi

  5. Now try beat zodiac yeah another extreme demon that's makes me go crazier than you did

  6. If it werent for etzer & the preceeding ufo bloodbath would be like a hard-insane demon imo tbh lol

  7. Did anyone else feel scared when he turned his head and said “the triple spike now” than laughed and proceeded to get electrocuted, and say “run while you still can!” (5:05)

  8. Love the part where he yaps for 11 minutes straight before showing us the actual bloodbath completion

  9. Congrats on beating the top 1 level!

    Back in 2015

  10. I didn't watch the streams because your chat was so acoustic

  11. Tell me how I spent over twice the attempts than you on this

    Gg tho

  12. 3:53 bro I still struggle on easy demons and this part is the easiest part for me

  13. I just got back into gd after a year, and look at this how far you have come vortrox…

  14. Fun fact Bloodbath used to be called blood in the bath

  15. Huge congratulations dude. This is such an awesome achievement!

  16. Ain't no way he's wearing a devil vortex shirt💀💀💀

  17. Bro is wearing Sikky's nightmare💀💀💀

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