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C’est Trois | jaimie branch-Tcheser Holmes-Luke Stewart | V2022 (3 of 3)

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C’est Trois is jaimie branch – trumpet, keyboards / Tcheser Holmes – drums / Luke Stewart – bass with guest Scott Kiernan – live video art

Recorded Thursday, June 23, 2022 as part of the 2022 Arts for Art Vision Festival, held at Roulette Intermedium, Brooklyn, NY

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“What can we say? It’s three burning souls converging. Danceable anti-fascist free punk improvised electronic creative moment music, all friends and regular collaborators uplifting and upholding each other in the music, pushing each other to unfold in real time in a sonic and filmic landscape. A single candle alone can light up a room or burn down the house, we aim to burn bright. We light up the darkness that surrounds and confuses and burn down preconceptions. We put beauty back into the soil with heat and intention. Occasionally, on a great night, we burn down the house. What’s needed in this moment—the reflection of the light refracting back into the body, the rhythm, the soul—all at once, at peace, in time, right now. Not hurriedly, not slow, but in tune and time with the universe.” – jaimie branch

American avant-garde trumpeter Jaimie Branch was a forward-thinking performer with a style steeped in free jazz and modern creative improvisation. In addition to releasing her own albums, she is an in-demand session and touring musician in several genres. She has played with several bands including Bullet Hell, Galactic Unity Ensemble, Keefe Jackson’s Project Project, and New Fracture Quartet, and has also appeared with Spoon, TV on the Radio, and Belle Orchestre. She began recording under her own name with 2017’s acclaimed Fly or Die.

Tcheser Holmes naturally wove into the fabric of a tight-knit Pan-African community in Brooklyn after being given a djembe at the age of 4. From early on, Holmes remembers “playing and viewing music purely as a source of celebration and achievement.”

Luke Stewart is a DC/NYC-based musician and organizer of important musical presentations. He also has a presence in the national and international professional music community. He was profiled in the Washington Post in early 2017 as “holding down the jazz scene,” selected as “Best Musical Omnivore” in the Washington City Paper’s 2017 “Best of DC,” chosen as “Jazz Artist of the Year” for 2017 in the District Now, and in the 2014 People Issue of the Washington City Paper as a “Jazz Revolutionary,” citing his multi-faceted cultural activities throughout DC.

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Video editing by Moon Lasso

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  1. This gig was SO F*c&!n9 Good! Last C'est Trois in NYC

  2. 😢 I still can’t believe that we have lost this incredible artist 💙

  3. Rest well Jaimie. Onward & Forward with the rest of the band. Wow, what a band it is.

  4. You are dearly missed Jaimie! The music is incredible! ❤

    I've checked twice if this is really a trio, what a big sound!

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