Dean Potter - Fly or Die.mp4 -

Dean Potter – Fly or Die.mp4

Felix Golyansky
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Дин Поттер – пожалуй один из самых скандально известных экстремалов. Лети или Умри…


  1. бедный оператор

  2. Very smart to bring a chute to a sport where a single mistake leads to death without said chute being present!!!!

  3. I’m a BASE Jumper and climber. He was incredibly lucky for so many reasons. The reason why he was able to clear the cliff was because he had tracking pants which gave him some glide. And he was high enough for his parachute to deploy properly. It looks like it was set for slider up.

  4. Hold my beer James Bond, I'll be back in a minute…..

  5. imagine trying to pull that chute with your arms pumped

  6. So I guess he died. Lauterbrunnen valley rules.

  7. Dam no fear. I had problems looking over the side of the roof of my 3 story house.

  8. Dean Potter was a climbing LEGEND. A legend who died jumping in Yosemite, smashing into a ridge off Taft Point at 100mph with a wingsuit on.

  9. The sound he makes when he opens is the same sound I make everytime I open lmao

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  11. Theres a complex roped boulder problem 8n toulomne Meadows called DO OR FLY , bet Dean has done that one

  12. Watch solo climb by Alex honnold….no parachute and harness …..

  13. He intentionally fell off with perfect entry, this would not work if he slipped and started falling feet first close to the wall

  14. Live the way you love it, die doing what you love. Everyone dies. Some will die after a lifetime of boredom behind their desks, dying one paper cut and staple at a time. Some will die young. That's everyone's choice.

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  16. as expected he died young…
    laws of physics are mercyless.

  17. i am going to try this, i have no climbing history 😉 …. ( love you dean and miss you )

  18. He was a good climber… but a bad actor. That “mistake” was so obviously staged that looks more like a stunt scene. Even the camera on the ground was so perfectly set that gave him time to recite a poem in the meantime.

  19. Dean Potter was a better climber than Alex Honnold but not an attention whore and puppet like Honnold. RIP Dean

  20. "My chute is there in case I fall"
    Takes over 1000ft to deploy

  21. Looks like this was carefully planned ….location, cocavity of face and enough height to ensure deployment and camera location to document….that said this was totally sick

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