Dean Potter - Fly or Die.mp4 -

Dean Potter – Fly or Die.mp4

Felix Golyansky
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Дин Поттер – пожалуй один из самых скандально известных экстремалов. Лети или Умри…


  1. Staged but still impressive, he was always highly likely to get splattered and he knew it ….get real what the hell do you expect doing this stuff? He was happy and accepted it so should everyone else…total respect from me though, Uber skilled brave/mental illness who knows and doesn’t matter. RIP

  2. 0% chance that this wasn’t a planned fall. For the most part, that parachute would be damn near useless in a fall. Only in very specific scenarios, like the one he was in when he “fell”, would the chute have a good chance of saving you.

  3. How does this only have 243k views after 10 years.

  4. I was born on this earth
    And I will die on this earth
    What more could I ask for?
    If paradise were half as nice
    Then thank you, God,
    For the privilige
    I will do my best
    To honour your trust
    And leave this place
    At least..
    As beautiful as it was
    When I arrived
    I and all
    Amen-raFor most this is insanity and certain deathFor some, daily life and constant safety is no different, it's just a more prolonged death with many regrets

  5. Anyone know the song name playing in the background ?

  6. Que peligro mejor trabajar de albañil,o salir a caminar tranqui nomas o en bici o plantar muchos arboles mas util

  7. Respect to #deanpotter but his hobby got him in the end, im sure his little dog is happy that he never has to fly around again in a wingsuit 😨 👍🐶

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