Doing this could save lives…. #ww2 #reenacting #militaryhistory -

Doing this could save lives…. #ww2 #reenacting #militaryhistory

Echoes Of The Past
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  1. Do you wear ear protection when doing reenactments and if you do what is it?

  2. In case some of you guys are worried, the guy who got ran over by a tank was in Band of Brothers.

  3. I have a question, what do you guys do with the grenades like what do they do do you just pretend you get hit by him or do they actually explode I've been looking for answers for 3 hours!

  4. That's what happens when 99% of WW2 reenacting is based around the ETO.A well thought out calendar of…:Spring: MTOSummer: PTO, Desert War, and Normandy (June)Fall: ETOandWinter: ETO and Eastern Front…Would do you all some good.

  5. Try putting ice bags in your haversack

  6. Thank you for the content you are my favorite YouTuber.👍👍👍

  7. Are they any re enactments going on at all nowadays? I sure would love to do some WWII reenacting

  8. There could be like a sound cue someone shouts, and all dead actors lift up an arm or something as a safety check.

  9. Did Civil War reenactment when I was a kid. Was a powder monkey for an artillery unit. After one of the battles, one of our guys was walking around with a bandage wrapped around his head. Thought he was just that committed to the part at first. Turns out however, that some way, some how, when his unit was volly firing on the line, another guys muzzle got right next to his head… And the guy pulled the trigger… The dude was actually bandaged up from the gnarly powder burn he received all across half his face. Said he could barely hear out his ear too. He wound up getting taken to the nearest hospital shortly afterwards. 🫤

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