Don't Miss the Best Start in Fallout 4 - Next Gen Update! -

Don’t Miss the Best Start in Fallout 4 – Next Gen Update!

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Fallout 4 best start guide after the Next Gen Update for best weapons early and power armor early unlimited ammo, Fast Levelling and secret tips and tricks.
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👉 Early Power Armor Location Guide: Out Soon

This Fallout 4 walkthrough guide will show you how to get the best start in Fallout 4. We will go over the best Fallout 4 tips and tricks to level up fast with XP cheats and exploits to get unlimited ammo for your weapons. This guide will cover where to find the best early game weapons: including guns, pistols, fatman mini nukes and how to get the legendary weapon, the Cryolator early by getting Dogmean inside vault 111. And where to get early game fusion core locations to power your power armor early. We will also go over the best stats/attributes to get in character creation so you can get more experience in your playthrough. This starter guide is aimed at beginners to Fallout 4 but theirs something in here for everybody. I will be doing another video guide on the new Fallout 4 next-gen update from Bethesda.

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➖ Time Stamps ➖
0:00 Fallout 4 Best Start Guide
0:27 Character Creation Mistakes
1:21 Early game loot walkthrough
3:37 Magazine Collectables
4:00 Maxing your attributes
4:54 Storing Junk for Materials
5:20 Hidden Base and Loot
6:02 Secret XP Boost
7:11 Early game combat knife and armor set
8:30 Best Weapon Early
9:35 Power Armor Paint
9:54 Robot Companion Tip
11:13 Early fusion core locations
11:43 Early game power armor
13:00 Unlimited Ammo Glitch
14:40 More mini nuke ammo
14:50 Best Gun Early
16:37 Underwater Loot
17:53 Companion Tips and Tricks
19:23 Underground Fusion Core and Loot
20:02 Cooking
21:05 Best Helmet Early
21:45 Legendary Weapon Location (Cryolator)
23:50 Fast Levelling XP Cheat
26:20 What to do next

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  1. Dogmeat just simply do not want to enter the vault

  2. There shouldnt be "best stats." Problem 1 of 50.

  3. Dog poos early start. Get the spray n pray gun and the explosive mods on power armor. Do the quest to rescue valentine for .45 ammo. Best start hands down. There is a guide on how to achieve this gun easily at the start and the best perks. You will cheese this game on hardest difficulty.

  4. Holy shit….Ive played since launch and NEVER knew about the cellar in Sanctuary.

  5. Been playing on and off for around 50 hours and never realized you could hold X(on PS) and pick items up and move them around 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. Great vid, but mispronouncing 'attribute' every five seconds was grating, man! it's ATT-ribute in this sense of the word, just to be that guy for a second. Good tips tho.

  7. I don't wanna grind for xp so I just use player.setlevel 100 and bam, going from level 1 to 100 and do what I wanna do.

  8. You mentioned that there was somewhere to trade a gold bar for a weapon and left it at that? Where do you trade it in at?

  9. I'm experiencing an eerie feeling of deja vu, yet it's not deja vu, because what's old is new again… sans the old fashioned idea of boys and girls loving each other… Idr if I started watching you with Skyrim or FO4 but you were one of the first ytubers I watched because I wanted to play my games with finesse, not distress… and you did help alot.

  10. Can't believe the Cryolator bug still works.

    Wait, it's Bathesda. No I'm not.

  11. Cryolator not working they must of patched it, dog meat loads in fine just doesn’t find any items after following these steps.

  12. It's been awhile I got to play through it for the 14th time

  13. I sunk in 400+ hours on my first run.

    Now with next gen… guess it's time for another 400 hours

  14. Dog meat doesnt grab the gun anymore i just tried

  15. so i just went to load up the game for the first time off xbox gamepass and its at 4 minutes loading just says the might take a while depending on the pc. i got a 14900ks 192gb 7200mhz ddr5 and a 4090 suprim on water

  16. Why do I keep drowning trying to get the underwater loot ? Anyone knows ?

  17. combat knife on the boat was not there , otherwise great vid

  18. “Stand down or be cut down”. You gotta be fucking kidding me. Funniest and most badass line in the show.

  19. Man I’m so happy the TV show made fallout explode again. Such an awesome yet, interesting game. The story and gameplay is excellent imo. We should all be hyped for fallout 5 (it’s confirmed by Todd Howard) and season 2 of Fallout tv show.

  20. This game would be sooooo much better if the autosave was strictly time based and not when you open your pipboy… spent 4 hours building just for the game to crash and lose all my progress. i get the whole “save often” but it gets redundant when you spend 10+ hours on a single playthrough. Especially with this new update I’m seeing my game crash more times than i’m comfortable with. I can only break so many controllers bethesda!!!

  21. This game would be sooooo much better if the autosave was strictly time based and not when you open your pipboy… spent 4 hours building just for the game to crash and lose all my progress. i get the whole “save often” but it gets redundant when you spend 10+ hours on a single playthrough. Especially with this new update I’m seeing my game crash more times than i’m comfortable with. I can only break so many controllers bethesda!!!

  22. Bought it before big update, had the worst audio bug, cut scene freezing experience ive ever encountered in my entire 20 years of gaming, (bought on steam) Refunded the game after spending a few hours trying to find mods or settings to fix this disaster. Fingers crossed the update fixed those issues.

  23. Do a shot every time Danny says Sanctuary

  24. I just CAN'T seem to do the Cryolator glitch no matter how many times I try! I followed every step correctly but dog meat just doesn't find anything every time. It's so frustrating! Does anyone know what's going on??

  25. For all the fallout fans out there, you might also enjoy the game series from Metro 2033 redux

  26. If you side with the BoS, there's a mission involving a scribe relatively soon after joining, and you can just snipe her from the Prydwen (she's on the ground within that compound, and you need to be sneaking or the other BoS will become hostile). Killing the scribe will fail the objective but complete the quest, and you can just go grab the quest again from Proctor Quinlan. Rinse and repeat as many times as you want, just make sure she dies in 1 shot.

  27. I strongly recommend not going to the museum of Liberty until after Nuka World. Do Nuka World first and P(r)eston Garvey wont be pissed all the time.

  28. Bethesda is such trash. Ruined all my saved games and progress and now have to start a brand new game thanks to the update.

  29. Does this dog glitch work still works I tried it today and he doesn’t spawn in the vault

  30. How do you not get Rads when you walk in the water with power armor? I tried to get to the sunken suit case and got wrecked

  31. You forgot to take the U.S. Covert Operations Manual in the USAF, next to the mininuke 😉

  32. Turn the difficulty to very easy lol😂.

  33. Next gen update? Oh…. boy…. get ready for the bugs that will never get fixed.

  34. You can activate the sentry bot staying in the computer. You don't have to eject the holotape.

  35. Codsworth said it best…"Be careful sir, the communists abound." Also, the sole survivor is a synth. Kellogg said when he snatched the baby synth from cryo…"At least 'WE' have one left" when he looked at me, Zoltar, The Sole Survivor, in my cryo chamber. Codsworth is forever my companion!

  36. Does anyone know what merchant you trade the gold bars to for the legendary?

  37. "Proving the Sole Survivor is a Synth in the First 20 Minutes of Fallout 4" google those words in the Youtube search bar. It's called "Unique Project" you'll find and read it in Vault 111 if you look hard enough.

  38. If your doing it with the fatman, make sure they dont get to shoot it 🤣 lmao

  39. Just a quick note. This is false about intelligence. Intelligence is the most useless thing in the game. I have said this since I first started playing. All it does is boost exp gain which actually a trade off for lowering difficulty setting in exchange for improving your character. As exp boosts are indeed aspects of lower difficulty settings. So you can put points into something useful. Or put points into lower the difficulty setting. There is just zero reason whatsoever to spend points into intelligence. Not to mention, you get exp by playing the game anyway. So there is absolutely completely none whatsoever need for exp boost. And just to be clear you can max out everything without putting 10 into intelligence. This video is just claiming "much less time" which is something that is only useful for power levelers and speed runners who are trying to rush through the game. Aside from users who have beaten the game and speed running or just want to power level though content due to already playing it and beating it before. I have no clue why users would be interested in any sort power leveling or vids like this in every game that give new users information on how to get higher faster. It's so pointless in any rpg. You are still playing the game at the level you're on regardless of your level. So I don't comprehend the mentality of users trying to just get to higher level faster. Simply play the bloody game, and you will level up no matter what.

  40. The update deleted all of my save data and I'm on a PS4 I'm furious

  41. Here's a guide on how to get all your SPECIAL stats to 20+ at the start of the game:

    I explained this badly in the video, so here's the SPECIAL book Guide: You can indeed raise your attributes over 10 with the SPECIAL book, but you must first reduce your attribute to make it available as an option. For example if you wanted 11 intelligence: you would first get a 10 in intelligence, then you would drink whiskey to temporarily reduce your intelligence by -1, you would then use the SPECIAL book so you can raise your intelligence by +1. Once the whiskey effects wear off you will now have 11 intelligence. If you now get the intelligence bobblehead you can reach 12 intelligence. Some stats can be pushed even higher but I could do a whole separate video about that.

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