Eating All The Players - Can We Reach Max Level? - Fly or Die (FlyOrDie.Io) -

Eating All The Players – Can We Reach Max Level? – Fly or Die (FlyOrDie.Io)

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Welcome to Fly or Die! Today I thought it would be fun to check out one of the most popular and newest IO games and this one is all about flying creatures. The game plays like other IO games except each evolution has special abilities and you play with flappy bird-like controls. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Fly or Die, thanks for watching and liking.

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  1. Hey drae you can probably ask the devs for a exp boost they have given lots of Youtubers some


    My neighbors were asking if everything was ok when I started the video >.<

  3. Damn don't start the video screaming LOL, gave me a heart attack, rip headphones


  5. Playing these games is such a waste of time. You should do something more productive like sleeping

  6. The blue glowing plants give you oxygen in space

  7. thanks for screaming at the beginning of the video, really woke me up.

  8. Play VR Walking Dead game next time pls!!
    Not this crappy games..

  9. That's a bit of ear rape right there at the beginning

  10. id watch you get through all the evolutions 🙂

  11. The swamp is that place were there are those spikey plants and the mud instead of ground

  12. I took me hours to get to the dinosaur evolution and then I got killed twice by this stupid phonix guy!

  13. Interesting. I'm kinda glad to see another IO game. This reminds me of, which is really strange because I was thinking of that game specifically this week. I must be psychic lol

  14. I know it's old but I think you should check out Hexagor io

  15. Why did I watch this whole video , didn’t know how much I like it lol

  16. I understand the Fly or Die part in the name of the game, but what does the Indian Ocean have to do with it?

  17. Tbh this game is boring to watch. Sure it feels engaging when you play but spectating is boring.

  18. When the video starts with Drea screaming you know it's gonna be good.

  19. when people complain about the yelling at the beginning of the video, and im over here laughing because it was funny

  20. It took me 3 hours i think to became grim reaper. Although at the ghost evolution i took rest for about 15 minutes. But still it took so long to became grim reaper

  21. Anyone disturbed that when he was the on fire he flew away from the water

  22. Well Im sad because I think I killed Tunky67 after u left :C

  23. Didnt think I'd like this game but ur reactions made it funny so I watched play it again

  24. And yes please start every video screaming hahahahaha

  25. VOLUME WARNING you fuck, you scared the shit out of me. what the fuck is that way to start a video?
    Honly shit, and my hears hurt now fucking hell

  26. Play it is a fish survival game you have an option do choose your starter fish and evolve into stronger/weaker animals until you reach the apex tier. there is also a giant update coming in a month

  27. Did they make this game out of random clip art?

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