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Flame Phoenix
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Hi everybody! In this video I’m going to be playing a different game. The game is called FlyOrDie (also known as EvoWorld.io) and you have to survive and level up to be the strongest.
Let me know in the comments if you guys want me to play more of this game. Unleash your inner retro gamer and embark on a journey through the iconic world of play dos games in browser. With online platform, you can access a treasure trove of classic titles and experience the excitement of vintage gameplay from the comfort of your browser.Subscribe to Flame Phoenix!!!

By the end of 2022 I want to reach 35 subs!
So I would really appreciate it if I could reach that goal.
Also, if you do, I will shout you out on the channel. But make sure you make your subscription public so I see that you subscribed. And If you subscribe before December 1st 2022 I’ll subscribe to you back if you have a channel!

Since you’re one of the cool people that read the description, here’s a fun fact about me. I’m ambidextrous!(If you don’t know what that means, it means that you’re not a righty or a lefty. You’re BOTH!(And I am both))
Check in other descriptions for more fun facts. (Some videos don’t have fun facts or have the same fun facts)

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