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Evolving To Defeat The Deadly Bosses in FlyOrDie.io

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Welcome to another io game! This IO game is Flyordie.io. In Fly Or Die, you become a flying animal and evolve through eating things. Watch More FlyOrDie:

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FlyOrDie Game Overview:

In Fly Or Die, you start as a small fly, as you eat things in the game you grow bigger and bigger and evolve through multiple different flying animals. It’s very similar to Deeeep.io, except this game is all about flying animals, not swimming animals.

Play flyordie here:

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  1. Dude Ssundee was in there his name was sub2ssundee

  2. It’s not a star fruit it’s bananas duh

  3. I just realized that did he just eat the duck who helped he was ima not eat u and then seconds later he ate the duck

  4. i was a eagle until i died and kept spawning in the worst places until i was a fly again

  5. how do u type the code????????????

  6. The fruit is called 'Starfruit' in the game, we no big brain

  7. You know you have an ability and all you have to do to activate it is right click

  8. Lol r u showing us how to defeat the dangerous monsters or making us watch ur video 4 no reason

  9. Perks and Cons of having Face Cam off
    Perks: No need to Make a reaction in the thumbnail
    Cons: You don't have Face Cam on
    Edit: Most of the time

  10. Ive litrely been 3 times number 1 on the leader board

  11. 10:27 pterosaurs like pteranodon and pterodactyl (or pterodactylus) were not dinosaurs but closly related, oh and also they were not birds

  12. The reason penguins are birds is because they're still apart of the same family line and echidnas aren't like lizards

  13. The bird thing you don’t like is a terisour

  14. Try to level up to destroy 13 spiders without dying

  15. bro why don't u use arrow key and space. its so much easier and why u use premium acount.

  16. your level 12 you can start as something

  17. What was way up there when he was catching the bee it was like red lookin demon thing

  18. 为什么你说什么时候才能看到你?

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