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EvoWorld.io (FlyorDie.io) High ping

Samvit Gaming
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Hello everyone, welcome to my youtube channel. Today I am playing EvoWorld.io (FlyorDie.io).

In this video, I will show how I got killed because of high ping.

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  1. 300 ping is nothing mine is 7500 and nothing i can do get out and i was a cosmic bat there not on water in LAVA i hate thissssssss

  2. Broo…. Your ping is nothing in front of mine when it goes bad 😜😅🤣😂🤣 my ping goes to 1054 🤣😂🤣😂 but sad 😐 your eagle died…..

  3. i think i broke the world record beacuse i was playing today demonic reaper and my ping went to 5,000 and died because of the pirania

  4. Bro i literally died twice by drowning and i was angry cosmic eye

  5. same problem, it makes some jumps to 200-300 ping and everything lags

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