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EvoWorld.io (FlyorDie.io) – May Bonus Codes (40%)!!! Iced Caves UPDATE!

NinjaNate 7
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FlyorDie.io Iced Caves UPDATE (Change Log: )
– New place: iced cave
– New food: Mammoth, Piranhia, Giant Rat
– Flowers are of different colors
– From now you can now change skins every 10 seconds (was 60s)
– Few changes in food chain
– Fixed few bugs

Monthly Codes:
May2021 – 35% (Expires end of May)
Creator Codes
JaySay – 40% (N/A)
SkyBS – 40% (N/A)
JeromeASF – 40% (N/A)


  1. Nathaniel, i know you are in ms westbrooks class can u guess who i am 😉

  2. Also forgot to add you need to have an account to enter Bonus Codes.
    Sorry if I haven't been uploading the past few months on the BC I'll try to get them out to you more frequently.

  3. Do they stack or only one code at a time

  4. just use JaySay or SkyBS (40% bonus code), its valid for one year. And these code are endless.

  5. U much good bro
    BTW I'm from Pakistan 🙂

  6. Please play ice cream man 4 rods factory next

  7. Привет мой ник THE WORDL без ЖС у меня 41 левел:)))))

  8. Where have you been NinjaNate 7? No new content in awhile.

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