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EvoWorld.io Reaper Fights on Europe 1 | Ep. 25

ImDaMacik | Gaming
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EvoWorld (FlyOrDie) is a multiplayer .io game where you must evolve to survive. The strongest creature is a Grim Reaper and can be only killed by another reapers.

Welcome to classic Reaper Fights, part 25! The montage was recorded on 17th June and on 11th July on Europe 1 server. Enjoy the gameplay!
Music used in video:
00:00 — Justmylørd, Charles B – Falling For You [NCS Release]
02:36 — Daniel Levi – Down For Anything [NCS Release]
05:02 — Yonexx & lunar – Need You [NCS Release]
07:38 — Raven & Kreyn, KDH – Dum Dum (feat. Scarlett) [NCS Release]
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  1. dayum this atns and ans thing is pretty cool i wish i was in a video but unfortunately i always lag on eu 1 and only play on aus 1

  2. Bruh wats going on on this server atns and ns 💀

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