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EvoWorld.io Then vs Now 😔 #evoworld

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Evoworld changed :/
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  1. true im 2019vplayer btw i have channel Sinpro21

  2. honestly im fine getting killed once in awhile thats how u level up ig but i was killed 4 times in like 10 minutes by the same person like a wk ago and then i quit again 😭

  3. So i started this game at 2022 and now in in only 14 level beacause i left this game for same months beacause the game is being violence and lots of people try to be nice if we had only some hp so they will kill us also we beg others not to kill me they never listen but if they ask not to kill the m we agree if they kill us they laugh and i cry alot because i had on reach reach grim reaper 3 times in my entire game
    the campers always come to the volcanic area to get some exp but the pros dont know the effort we made to this evolution this far and i was playing on north america there was a guy name eric he had 32 lvl he kill me in 1 time on grim reaper 2 time ghost reaper and i cry alot by saying im so unlucky
    BTW my name in game is Devil Ninja
    Hopefully this game will be good as they were in past

  4. if you've been playing since it was flyordie instead of evoworld you're a real og and i respect you

  5. Bro i remember when cosmic bug used to eat stars

  6. it was a popular and fun game before. no toxicity, just casual gameplays and events and many people wanted to see the evolutions and try their best. Now, its has become dark where everyone tries to kill everyone, fair or unfair. its just sad that theres no more good players and good content related to this these days.

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