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Falcon BMS | Coming From DCS World? | AVOID these mistakes

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Here are a few mistakes I see people make. Especially when coming from other sims. Sometimes I make some of these myself. Most of these will degrade your experiences in Falcon BMS.

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0:00 Intro
0:14 Comparing to other sims
0:52 Training and Learning
1:58 Multiplayer
3:05 Questions
4:15 Link 16
5:07 Wrapping it up

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  1. Back in the day I used to fly with a VFW in Allied Force, we’d have full mission briefings, review the layout of the target, decide who hits what, or in my case I was in the air superiority group so my job was to keep enemy aircraft at bay during strikes. We had an AWACS, we scheduled tankers, we flew in a campaign server and were given directives to plan strikes.It was intense, its was nerdy… but those were SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

  2. Reading a few comments of people just going at each other over which is better DCS or BMS is always really depressing like fellas we all love simulators and all have the sim we prefer stop trying to make some sort of grandstand about which is "superior" you look like an ass and the people who you attract to your comment also look like asses right along with you chill out and have fun i promise your life will be better if you do this 😅❤

  3. Go back to the base Falcon 4.0 training engagements and use them. It's relevant training and will take you a long way toward being competent in BMS.

  4. If you do fly both BMS and DCS, take the time to configure both so that all your HOTAS controls are set up the same no matter which sim you use. Ideally, any F-16 simulator should operate just like an F-16. Obviously. If you're a long time veteran of Falcon 4.0 and earlier versions of BMS and legacy F4 mods, such as Allied Force, just accept the fact that your 25 year old Thrustmaster Cougar is probably on its last legs and it's time to get new controllers. They're going to cost more than you paid for your Cougar. Deal with it. The VR headset is going to cost a bit, too. But it's worth it. At the very least, get a Track IR if you haven't budgeted for a VR headset yet.

  5. To fly Falcon BMS, one needs to imagine that he is a fighter pilot who will be called for duty one day in the future when the war arrives.

  6. Thank you for this video, im a Veteran DCS player, especially the F16, ngl this video has put me off BMS, i really love how realistic they make the F16 but you make it seem (to me) that all players are hardcore and dont help at all and the game seems wayyy too imtimidating from this video.

  7. Sorry.. sorry my mistake, didn't mean to gun you down, finger slipped….

  8. I wonder why the video isn't just titled "Maybe tips for flying in BMS"? As a DCS flyer, I found none of this information helpful and mostly insulting. The differences between BMS and DCS for the actual avionics are about as large as 6 months to a year of DCS patches/changes would be — in other words, any veteran DCS player would be able to adjust just fine when it comes operating the jet under different contraints. Seems like the rest of the advice is just filler that presumes that a DCS flyer wants to operate exactly based on your proper procedure. What happens if a DCS flyer is an actual ex F-16 pilot and you start lecturing them like you do? My guess is they roll their eyes and never want to come back to play BMS if the presumption is going to be so condescending all the time.

  9. Would you recommend getting started and learning BMS in VR, or would it be better to set up a flatscreen based simpit initially? I love flying in VR, but for learning its hard to look at tutorial material, maps, keybindings, and so on…

  10. Top 50k mistakes you make coming from wt sim to falcon bms

  11. No guides? This is something that we need to change!

  12. video that tries to tell you, that BMS simulator and BMS community is better … its not going to work for you way you think, it will work against you

  13. Oh man, can't agree more with the part about comparing to other sims

  14. This video pretty much nails it.
    The only thing to add is that it’s okay if you don’t understand everything – some things can take a few years to click.

  15. As an extremely casual BMS player, one of the biggest mistakes I made was assuming the BMS community was the same as the DCS community. They are not.

    This is not inherently bad or good. However, it can result in a mismatch in expectations that can burn you out almost immediately. I initially came into BMS only a few months after starting in DCS, and I was very surprised at the level of seriousness that many BMS players have over DCS players. This isn't to say DCS can't be serious, but there is a very noticeable difference in the average level. For me, that created a lot of friction as I was browsing forums or chatting with people on Discord. I ended up deleting BMS, and stepped away from both sims altogether for a couple months.

    I've since returned, and I have been slowly moving back into the BMS community with a bit more of an understanding of exactly what the community is about and how they interact. Like anything, it's a unique ecosystem, and trying to hold one community to the standards of another will never work for the individual.

  16. Most things transfer as i was able to launch harms and drop gbus right away but there is still a learning curve as there is no checking the F+10 map to get cordintes on a target

  17. Little exaggerated, it took me week to get into BMS and another one to be effective. Playing with someone is the best way to learn (but have all basics learnd to not get Your teacher bored with Your questions). Flying in DCS first is also superior thanks to many guides, in game tutorials and less inelegant UI. In therm of difficulty when You used to not having Link-16 and fact that You have to spam AWACS for situation awarnes BMS is very easy vs AI. Like bots try to do their best but when You used to their tactics they become very easy to predict. How fun as it sounds I treat BMS as much more casual form of flying, after all that briefings, tabels and excells You can just fly to target do Your job and ignore all that. I think it's much more overrated as some hardcore version of DCS it's NOT. It's cool give much fun but yeah had it quirks

  18. These are some great points. I've recently decided to take a dive into BMS, so I'm starting with single player to learn the basics, and eventually will join multiplayer. The idea is to get a good understanding of what I'm doing and how the sim works so I can be semi-useful at the very least before I fly with someone, i.e. knowing how to use weapons, UI, etc. while in the meantime I read the manuals and try to absorb the gist of the sim. What do you think of this plan?

  19. The DCS viper is on a journey to catch up with the BMS viper. The DCS community is mostly stubbornly staying where it’s always been (arcadey, Jacks of all planes / masters of none). The BMS bar remains set too high for most.

  20. I don't play multiplayer (yet) since I'm an old timer coming from the Commodore 64 era, where multiplayer was non existent. So I don't really miss it.

    There are a few flight sims I enjoy. Il-2 GB, X-Plane 4, BMS and DCS.

    Since BMS went VR lately, I've put DCS on the back burner regarding the F-16 platform. DCS is great as a rotary wing (Ka-50, Mi-8, Mi-24 and A-10) simulator, where the fidelity of the terrain is important for NOE flying. The dynamic missions are pretty good in DCS but are 'battle scale' instead of 'conflict scale' in comparison to BMS.

    What I love about BMS is the depth of the avionics and the whole 'product' in general. The AI, ATC, the detail that the developers and also the BMS team put in it. The VR capable BMS is not as demanding as DCS on the GPU, which is really a plus.

    BMS takes 'digging' and you need to put 'work in' as you call it, but it is well worth it. Once the F-16 in DCS matures completely I'll give that a go, but BMS will probably remain my main F-16 sim as long as they keep VR support.

  21. I don’t mean to be that guy, but this is borderline a stressful job at this point. A little too hardcore, it’s no wonder most stick to single player on BMS.

  22. It's a lot to ask, but is there any chance we can get a guide on how to communicate? It's easy to google a list of radio brevity codes, but when it comes to it, I feel like I can't communicate at all when things get hectic. I don't think I even know what pieces of info should be immediately shared, and which ones don't really matter. I only play with the Falcon Lounge guys and they're pretty chill, but they're so good at communicating I almost never say anything mid-combat to avoid cluttering the radio channels with my lack of conciseness. This is the same reason why I'm way too anxious to allow myself to join a UOAF flight, and I know I'm missing on good fun because of it.

  23. Other tips coming to BMS..
    – if you drop low-drag bombs 150 ft off the deck, you won't see cool looking explosion effects .. you'll just die
    – if you wait for a launch warning, from a modern phased-array targeting radar like SA-10, before going defensive .. you'll just die
    – if you try to land your viper on a remote, rough gravel road .. you'll just die
    – if you fail to scan your runway to make sure nobody parked a truck on it, before you land .. you'll probably die

    In summary .. there's a lot of dying.

  24. Falcon BMS is the gift that keeps on giving. Many thanks for your persistence and videos.
    However, and pardon the rant, one thing (IMO) that is desperately missing, ever since the inception of BMS, is more intuitive, interactive (and resumed) tutorials, to be easier for others coming from "Lite Sims".
    As long as people keep going to Forums asking for help and have a "RTFM" as response, BMS won't have the projection, or as many users as it should have. As much as "hardcore" a simulation can be, it's still a game, meant exclusively for entertainment.
    This is the biggest complaint. It's not the simulation itself, which is top notch, it's the disdain for newcomers both from veterans of the game and the BMS team, like they didn't care and "you're on your own". Most people I've point to video tutorials online (old ones from Krause are quite approachable) always complain that the first impact and steps are way, waaay too steep (even folks who ran F4.0 and F4AA back in the day), then get frustrated and slowly lose interest. Speaking from experience, BMS is extremely fascinating, but stepping in it does feel like real life work. And here I think is where DCS does a far better job to welcome and hook the newcomer, to make the first steps more aproachable and enjoyable.

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