FAST FARMING TEAMWORK | Fly or Die Live | Part 1 -

FAST FARMING TEAMWORK | Fly or Die Live | Part 1

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FLY OR DIE! Let’s see how high we can get! This is going to be EPIC!

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Let’s have some fun, chill in the stream, and hopefully enjoy ourselves 🙂

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How To Play?

Fly and eat or be eaten. Show if you can survive in this game. Eat creatures with a green border and avoid those with red ones. Do not forget to drink water.
Controls: arrows or mouse

Skill: right click or space


  1. (Replacing old comment) I loved this Stream Hi was Defeated

  2. w- wha – why ye- why you- why you bully me ?

  3. Sry I couldn’t be in but it was 3 am for me lel..

  4. KingGhidorahofDeath { Aka HydragonofDeath } says:

    teamwork makes the dreamwork

  5. Was this a live stream sorry I was not there

  6. Can u live stream soon? It’s probably around 5 for u but if it is an inconvenience for ya that’s fine!

  7. hey ash sorry for swearing on da stream i was really angry at the time and sorry for taking that anger onto the stream

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