Fly high - Die fast [One shot Ability draft] -

Fly high – Die fast [One shot Ability draft]

X-Mark Gaming
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JINADA can proc any attack modifiers and on-hit effects normally. So every JINADA is a Walrus PUNCH! + bonus 180 damage from JINADA. 1 hit = 1 kill = 3k Crit!

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Hey guys, X-Mark here. The whole channel idea is to show you some good and sick ability draft builds and games. That’s it. I just like to share with you something i found interesting and funny to play. I’m not that funny or creative. I love Ability Draft and want it to live long and stay cool.


  1. that idiot puck.. play this game.. and pick that original hero skill hahahhaa

  2. and yet another game where no one denies OP combos

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