FLY or DIE! ► SPHERE: FLYING CITIES is a New Survival City-builder Releasing in 2022! -

FLY or DIE! ► SPHERE: FLYING CITIES is a New Survival City-builder Releasing in 2022!

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Sphere: Flying Cities is a new city-building game and thank you to Sphere for sponsoring this video. Ready for lift-off? Build our future and command your own flying city here: – This is a referral link to the Steam store, so thank you for clicking it. Now, Sphere: Flying Cities has some gameplay features that set it apart such as the anti-gravity device that allows your city to fly and move to new locations, various dangers and encounters as you travel, and a twist on resource management and strategic gameplay. The elemental table tied to research really stood out for me. It’s a tough game, what do you think?

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  1. This looks cool! I want to wait till its out of Early access… the reviews are mixed as of the time of this post. I have hope though!

  2. Hey GamerZakh, do you record voiced commercials for Walmart stores?

  3. Reminds me of "Cities in Flight" by James Blish. Nifty looking

  4. Looks interesting, tho I just checked the steam reviews and oh boy people aren't happy ^^'. Many talking about a lot of bugs, even heavily game breaking bugs, so I guess I'll wait a bit longer for this one.

  5. The moon blew up and rained down on Earth, destroying the society? People now live on floating chunks of rock underneath a protective dome?

    See you, space cowboy…

  6. This and Industries of Titan are scratching my futuristic city building itch.

  7. So Shield Tower is like ….. Frostpunk, pretty much.

  8. This game actually looks really good. I loved frostpunk, and I can see some minor parallels. I see a lot of mixed reviews on steam, but I'm going to buy it eventually anyway so may as well get it now so I don't have to come back to look for the referral link later lol. Might not play it, though, until some of the bugs called out on steam are sorted.

  9. The drones are bugged, both building and mining. After a while they like to to freeze – woe unto you if two lvl 3 particle storms hit you in between drone freezes. Maybe the latest update fixes it?

  10. I really enjoy this game according to their live stream the Game will be Full Released late 2022 or early 2023. To be honest i have sunken about 500 about hours into this game. Testing certain things like Food_ you have to have it at max pop in order to get any good food production. And the Food itself 1 food = 1 citizen and every 2min in game they consume food. But the hidden factor when you arrive at a new sector if there is colonist and you take them all or half doesn't matter you people will have a feast in their honor. So you if our not careful you can be hit with a double food strike which sucks. On the Food topic you can produce w/ the Tech up to 120 food every 2 min, Once your Colony grows larger than that when you add. As-well on the topic of food 'yes i have done extensive research on food production.' Food Factory's don't need to be built until the Loyalty is below 25% if it goes to Below 20% your citizens will get Hungry / -ill/ Starving / Deathly Ill after words 'yes i killed off a saved to just learn the process :D. While on the subject of food factories you know that Food Storage has a filter and is set to Veggies by default. 2 factories and 2 food Storage can be put into a 6×6 grid. When you arrive at new sector your Loyalty will take a massive PLUNG if you don't have enough Homes for when you Acquire them. Speaking of houses the bigger home are 3×2 same size as a power plant it takes 6 house=30 pop vs 6 regular=24 pop just about a 20% increase when you go up. Only way to find Elements for the Research is 2 things DEEPER SCAN is needed for Rarer Materials and to full mine out Materials on a SECTOR. If you don't have the research you won't get rarer elements. So its the 6th tech i get…. 3 free techs ION, Better Homes, Scans In the upcoming update Hospitals will be design w/ an area of effectiveness. On that topic excluding the first 2 she has you build 10% of the Population you should have available for ILL people. Also, on ILL people you have 20% more chance to get people Sick in Toxic Clouds if your Shield LvL is even w/ the Cloud there is a Higher chance for people to get sickly.

    Just wanted to drop some numbers and knowledge to who wants to read this. I am currently i have a population 469 in my colony… So i feel like people should know some small things 😀

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