Fly or Die Becoming a Pilot in 1 day -

Fly or Die Becoming a Pilot in 1 day

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Will it fly?


  1. I was like no way he is flying that for the first time. After you liftoff I was like yeah he has experience

  2. Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  3. If it doesn’t have as much hp as the mudstang….

    It needs to

  4. Dam you were pushing the limits without a doubt.Always leave room for error or failure

  5. Your putting your life in the hands of an EJ22 and weak ass airframe that shakes itself apart🙄I wouldn't drive anything with 4 wheels with an EJ22 let alone 100ft off the ground

  6. That was pretty impressive with no experience! I can't lie, I was expecting a pretty hard landing. lol

  7. YesSiRr!!😎😁😊😉👌👊👍🔥💯🔥💯!! yU KRAZy brO!! But eNteRtaiNing!!😆🤣😎😁😊!!

  8. Ok if I had that I'd be dorping ( homemade fireworks) out of it. Lmfao 😂 ®™

  9. That's pretty sick!!.. but you definitely trolling us hard🤣🤣🤣. I'm guessing you've been doing this for a "while" and you probably dust all your own fields, and possibly other people's as well,…with a bigger flying contraption.
    I feel bad for any of you that thought those were beginner pilot skills 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. When this bad daddy getting some forged wheels

  11. Next video: 20 wheel spacers and 22x14s on my helicopter

  12. Now look what you made me do. Lmao cash ready to any seller.

  13. yap… he's crazy time ! scaring the hell outta everyone that drives by though haha !

  14. Your camera person deserves respect for steady hands

    Shout out to you cameraperson!!

  15. this guy is fucked up lol…damn it man

  16. This channel has huge potential I think you just need to get a little more comfortable on camera. I hope you grow soon though you deserve it 100% the shit you do is crazy

  17. Will the frame/rotating gear need mods for the extra power it'll be making?

  18. Never understood why they put seat belts in planes and copters they are useless if u crash ur done either way

  19. Hes gotta have his pilot license or the faa would be all over his ass

  20. Plus he'd be crashing lol its not that easy to fly

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