Fly Or Die | Dragon Fly to Pelican | | EP03 -

Fly Or Die | Dragon Fly to Pelican | | EP03

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We’re starting out as a Dragon Fly this time round! We’re going to try and level all the way up to a Pelican! Let’s see if we can pull it off!

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Fly and eat or be eaten. Evolve to the strongest creature and show who rules here. Eat creatures with green border and avoid with red one. Do not forget to drink water.

Controls: WADS or MOUSE

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Mesmerize by Tobu

Background Music: Parzival


  1. This is a channel that keeps me going

  2. Hey i sent you the screenshots to your Discord in the Help Desk channel, check em out whenever you can 🙂

  3. BTW if u don't know where each biome is, the coldest are on the left the hottest on the right, mid is towns!

  4. Are you still doing those "Cheat" videos? Like 60 Seconds?

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