Fly Or Die | Even Faster Leveling | | EP02 -

Fly Or Die | Even Faster Leveling | | EP02

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We’ve taking what we learnt from last time we played, and we’re going to try to level up EVEN faster, and see how far we can get! Discover the joy of vintage gaming: Play mario rpg online anytime, anywhere!

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Fly and eat or be eaten. Evolve to the strongest creature and show who rules here. Eat creatures with green border and avoid with red one. Do not forget to drink water.

Controls: WADS or MOUSE

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Mesmerize by Tobu

Background Music: Parzival


  1. yay! Thx for playing more! And thanks for doing better!

  2. Bruh you don't eat pig when your 3rd lvl character you stink it

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